6 Tips for Christian Dreams Interpretation: Hear God!

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6 Tips for Christian Dreams Interpretation: Hear God!

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I believe dreams show us things about ourselves, others, God, and the world. If we take the time to pray and understand our dreams it can bring a lot of healing, clarity, and direction in life. However, interpreting dreams is not an easy task… To fully understand dreams you must fully understand yourself and God – which is an endless journey. But, it is a fun journey!

The purpose of dreams are to draw us closer to God. Dreams show us how to remove things that keep us away from God. They also show us what we need or where to go. Ultimately, God wants us to be happy and full of trust and faith. He wants YOU to know that He’s got YOUR back… And you DON’T have to worry about anything even in hard times.

I would love to help you in the process as well, you can click here to share your dream and I will try my best to help you interpret.

6 Types Of Dreams from God:

The dreams in the Bible always had a purpose from God. They were never selfish nor for pure personal gain. Here are stories where God has spoken to people in dreams, in these Bible verses about dreams: 21 Dreams In the Bible and What They Mean!

1. Warning Dreams: Certain dreams tell us things that are going to happen. We are to pray about it and avoid that mistake because it will bring problems in our lives. I have had warning dreams which helped me to know that certain people didn’t have good intentions for me. Click here for examples of warning dreams I have had. These dreams help us or others avoid sin, struggles, and temptation.

2. Revelation: Sometimes dreams are trying to show you the emotions that you have not noticed or that you’ve ignored. Often times, we don’t slow down to really understand how bad we feel and we forget to submit the pain to God for healing. For instance, I might dream of ex-boyfriends, anger, and fear of dying. Or, I might dream of losing things or not getting hired. If I feel highly emotional in the dreams it may be showing me what is happening inside my heart. These dreams happen so we can seek mentorship and pray for God to heal our hearts from the pain, fear, and disappointments that has hurt us.

3. Instruction: Sometimes God will tell us to do something in a dream. In this dream, God was telling me to be more vulnerable in a situation. God wanted me to trust him that everything would be okay. Also, I had dreams that showed me it was God’s will for me to take certain jobs I would of overlooked.

4. A Call to Prayer: God may show you something about yourself or someone else. For instance, I had a dream a friend was very angry with me about something. I asked her and she confirmed it. I was able to continue praying for the situation. We don’t always need to tell others about these dreams because they might not feel comfortable with you knowing such personal details about them. I’m still learning when to share and when to just pray on it.

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5. Encouragement: Some dreams might show you something amazing about yourself or someone. God wants us to be confident that we were created in His beautiful image and that we are sons and daughters of the King of Kings. These type of dreams might also show you something great that will happen in your distant future... Write it down and ask God to show you in different ways if that’s His will for your life. For example, I started this website and didn’t tell my friends. Then, a friend had a dream I created this website that is impacted many people. It confirmed that God wanted me to create this!

6. Demonic Dreams: These dreams may be God showing you how a demon is attacking you in the spiritual realm. If I have any dreams that are bad or demonic, I use that as a tool to pray. Example: If there is a sexual desires or dark presence in my dream, I know that God wants to protect me from that so I pray against it.

6 Ways To Get Better At Christian Dream Interpretation:

1. Wait for the meaning. I’m not always sure which kind of dream it is. For instance, I may not know it’s a warning dream because it hasn’t happened yet… But, I write it down and wait for God to reveal it to me. Learning to understand your dreams is a slow journey but it can be fun. Some of my dreams from 6 years ago are now coming true. And, I thought those dreams meant something else 6 years ago. Be open to being completely WRONG… God is the only one that fully knows. Be patient and let him fully tell you.

2. Record your dreams. It could mean something later. I voice record my dreams as soon as I wake up. Or, sometimes I write it down. I like voice recording better because I describe things that are fresh on my memory as I wake up. If you write it or record it, make sure you take note of every detail — How you felt, how others felt, what you noticed the most, etc.

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3. Look up name meanings and symbols. They don’t always mean something but they could. In one dream, a girl name Stephanie came and then a friend of mine received healing in His need for sex. So I looked up the name in the name meaning guide, and Stephanie means victory. I believe the dream was saying that God healed him and He was victorious in the lust department. Also, you can look up the symbols you see in the dream. Seeing an airplane, laundry, fish, etc. may mean something. Check out the biblical dream symbol guide to find out what it means.

3. Dreams should not tell you to do something that goes against the Bible. The Bible says do not murder, have sex outside of marriage, etc. If a dream is encouraging you to sin… That means you are understanding the dream incorrectly. Having a full understanding of the New Testament and Old Testament is key to understanding what God is trying to say in dreams. God’s voice in dreams are ALWAYS holy and without sin, so make sure you are hearing right.

4. God will speak to you in dreams based on your personality. Let’s say that you are obsessed with jewelry. If you are dreaming about jewelry being everywhere and ignoring people around… It could be showing that you are too focused on the wrong things in life. Furthermore, God will show you things that mean something to you… This helps him explain things in a way that only you may understand.

5. How do I know I’m interpreting dreams correctly? Ask a mentor or friend for their opinion. However, the meaning of the dream should feel right in your soul. You’ll just know. However, dreams can show you something important today… Then, show you even more important stuff that you didn’t understand later. Just be open to learning, being wrong, and God revealing more. Sometimes, God will give you more dreams and the first dream won’t make sense until you have had the fourth dream! I have had dreams where God explained other dreams within it.. Crazy huh?

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6. Pride and an impure heart can cause you misinterpret a dream. You will need to submit to God so that He can cleanse your heart. Sometimes, we think a dream means something because the condition of our heart is not healthy. Remember, that you could have a healthy heart today and tomorrow pride and pain creeps in. Check out the articles below to help you ensure you are not operating from an unclean heart. Related Quiz: Am I Struggling With Pride? OR Am I Carrying Emotional Baggage?

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

4 thoughts on “6 Tips for Christian Dreams Interpretation: Hear God!

  1. Christina this site is absolutely amazing! So well thought out and helpful. I am still exploring. Thank you for working so diligently to create this space. I will certainly be stopping here again and again.

  2. Love this! I’m a big believer in dreams having purpose. I’ve had dreams where God actually came to talk to me in my dreams. He teaches me things I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of in His word. And, once warned me of the danger of texting while driving. I love it when God hangs out with me in my dreams!

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