Empowerment coaching is like having a best friend by your side. I’m here to support, guide, and understand you as you explore your potential and grow as a person. With trust and empathy, I’ll help you discover your strengths and dreams, overcome challenges, and celebrate your achievements. I’ll make it my goal to keep you motivated  by believing in your abilities and helping you live your best life. 

As my client, you will identify & break free from emotional clutter that may be hindering your relationships, confidence, and goals:

  • Identify your weakness and turn them into strengths
  • turn your pain to POWER
  • Set goals to attain your dream life
  • Navigate relationships, friendships, and family with confidence and clarity
  • Learn to authentically show up in the world
  • Show up as soft and feminine, yet strong and powerful
  • Actualize your gifts and realize how you positively impact others
  • Release painful memories and negative self-talk
  • Heal and learn to love again after a bad relationship 
  • Develop intimacy with God and strengthen your discernment/intuition


Hi beautiful! I’m so excited that you’re on this page. I believe it isn’t by coincidence that we have crossed paths.

We are probably more similar than you realize. Like you, I know what it feels like to get back up again after heartbreak, emotional abuse, un-forgiveness, workplace nightmares, family drama, shameful thoughts, low self-esteem, betrayals, etc.

I’ve learned some secrets to get back up and fight for my dreams, relationships, and desires. I want that for you too.

There is a strength inside you that is waiting to be unlocked. My goal is to empower YOU to use these painful situations in life to be the BEST version of yourself. At the end of our sessions, you’ll realize that you have a special unique energy that I’ll rave about. And, nothing can break you if you tap into how powerful you are.

Sign up for your free session, if you’re ready to take the BEST step of your life. Your dreams are waiting for you.

Xoxo Christina Daniels


Empowerment Coaching is not therapy. Please, seek a professional for medical advice. The fields overlap, however, I do not provide a clinical diagnosis, treatment or a cure for any medical condition. Empowerment Coaching offers education, goal-setting, awareness, and motivation strategies to clients eighteen years and older. Signing up for a session means you have acknowledged this disclaimer and take sole responsibility for the application of information provided.

There can be so many emotions and wounds in our heart it becomes overcrowded and unorganized (like a messy room). Luckily, I help women or men like YOU clear the emotional clutter that keeps you from achieving your DREAM life and having WONDERFUL relationships. I’ll also help you see your full potential and realize your God-given gifts! Think of me as your personal “cheer-leader” that will support you and speak hope & positivity into your life!

You may look at yourself and see a broken, lazy, unorganized, unmotivated, and helpless person! But, I see deep into the core of who you are. My super power is seeing the BEAUTY within people and fully FEELING their emotions… It helps me to understand you and motivate you to be your TRUE SELF!

Don’t worry, your privacy is very important to me. I promise to keep your information completely confidential. Your name and any personal details you tell me will not be shared with anyone else. If you want to keep your identity private, you can create a new Google Voice number and email address to use when contacting me. This way, you can feel safe sharing with me without having to worry about anyone finding out who you are.

During the session, I will introduce myself briefly for about 1-2 minutes. Then, I will ask if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to share. Next, I will ask you thought-provoking questions to delve deeper into your thoughts and feelings. You will have the opportunity to do most of the talking while I offer perspectives and insights to help you explore your inner world. Finally, I will send you a personalized email summarizing our conversation, which will include reflection questions and/or activities to further support your growth.


✔Identifying unhealthy & healthy patterns
✔ Setting boundaries
✔ Self-esteem building
✔ Emotional healing strategies
✔ Nonjudgemental support
✔ Deeper understanding of self
✔ Biblical & spiritual mentorship


✔ Detailed summary of your sessions with weekly goals & reflection questions
✔ Access to my personal business number
✔ In-depth Exploration of Personal Inventory Quizzes
✔ Free Emotional Healing E-Book



1. Happy to work with an up-beat coach that likes to ask tons of questions!
2. You want someone that truly understands you!
3. Are strong enough to hear the truth.
3. Ready to GROW and put in the work to see RESULTS!
4. People with BIG dreams for relationships and life!
5. Supportive of others, but rarely has someone to support them!
6. Looking to view life less serious and from a light-hearted perspective.
7. Tired of the same unhealthy patterns!
8. Open to using Christian methods for healing.


Individual Sessions

30 MINUTES ($45)
60 MINUTES ($65)

*Sessions are on the phone



*All sales are final + text responses within 72 hours.


Please use the scheduling tool to book your session. In the event the scheduler isn’t working, email Christina @ adornedheart.com OR send me an email via our contact form.