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Empowerment Coaching: First 20 Minutes Free!

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There can be so many emotions and wounds in our heart it becomes overcrowded and unorganized (like a messy room). Luckily, I help women or men like YOU clear the emotional clutter that keeps you from achieving your DREAM life and having WONDERFUL relationships. I’ll also help you see your full potential and realize your God-given gifts! Think of me as your personal “cheer-leader” that will support you and speak hope & positivity into your life!

You may look at yourself and see a broken, lazy, unorganized, unmotivated, and helpless person! But, I see deep into the core of who you are. My super power is seeing the BEAUTY within people and fully FEELING their emotions… It helps me to understand you and motivate you to be your TRUE SELF!

Christina Daniels is the founder and main contributor of Adorned Heart.

Empowerment coaching is for strong women or men that want help identifying & breaking free from emotional clutter that is damaging their relationships, confidence, and goals. My clients are hitting major strides as they can now identify:

  • distractions and moveable roadblocks
  • destructive self-hate thoughts
  • the impact of traumas
  • codependent behaviors
  • toxic self-protection patterns
  • fear-based reactions
  • fears of saying no

During empowerment coaching sessions, I’m not seeking to be your “counselor,” “therapist,” or “life coach.” I am looking to EMPOWER you to see your areas of weakness. Then, help you develop your own solutions to fix it. I want you to be independent and walk in your TOTAL beauty and God-given purpose. At the end of our journey, I want to release you into the world to empower others!

I know what it’s like to get back up again after heartbreak, emotional abuse, un-forgiveness, workplace nightmares, family drama, shameful thoughts, low self-esteem, betrayals, etc. My goal is to empower YOU to use these painful situations in life to be the BEST version of yourself. At the end of our sessions, you’ll realize that you have a special unique energy that I’ll rave about. And, nothing can break you if you tap into how powerful you are.

My DREAM clients are….

1. Happy to work with an up-beat coach that likes to ask tons of questions!
2. You want someone that truly understands you!
3. Are strong enough to hear the truth.
3. Ready to GROW and put in the work to see RESULTS!
4. People with BIG dreams for relationships and life!
5. Supportive of others, but rarely has someone to support them!
6. Looking to view life less serious and from a light-hearted perspective.
7. Tired of the same unhealthy patterns!
8. Open to using Christian methods for healing.

What are my clients saying?

“I am so happy that I found this site. The articles and quizzes have been instrumental in my healing. And Christina is a joy to work with! I have already expanded my insight and understanding of self so much. I am excited about growing into my full authentic self.”

I have never had someone believe in me the way you do. Thanks for helping me to get from A to B.

Thank you! You’re awesome at coaching and have shed wisdom into my life that God was already starting to work in me.” 

I’m so glad that I reached out. You fully understood in a calm way. And the fact that you trust in God and explain in a calm and gentle manner… I thank you so much! The people around me don’t believe in God, so it was very nice talking to you!! God Bless you because you were of much help right now.”

Talking to you is so easy. I wish, I could communicate with others with the same vulnerability. You’re helping me to see that there are safe people in the world.”

I feel like I can tell you anything without feeling judged. Every time we talk, I feel peace and like I’m able to deal with life a little bit better. Thank you Christina. You truly are an Adorned Heart.”

“Christina you are AMAZING!”


First 20 Minutes – FREE
30 Minutes – $35
60 Minutes – $55


✔Identifying unhealthy & healthy patterns
✔ Setting boundaries
✔ Self-esteem building
✔ Emotional healing strategies
✔ Nonjudgemental support
✔ Deeper understanding of self
✔ Biblical & spiritual mentorship


✔ Detailed summary of your sessions with weekly goals & reflection questions
✔ Access to my personal business number
✔ In-depth Exploration of Personal Inventory Quizzes
✔ Free Emotional Healing E-Book


You can book your APPOINTMENT BELOW OR EMAIL adornedheartcom[@]!

Disclaimer: I provide 100% confidentiality, so your name and/or information will never be shared with anyone else. Also, please note that Empowerment Coaching is not therapy and you should seek a professional for medical advice. The fields overlap, however, I do not provide a clinical diagnosis, treatment or a cure for any medical condition. Empowerment Coaching offers education, goal-setting, awareness, and motivation strategies to clients eighteen years and older. Signing up for a session means you have acknowledged this disclaimer and take sole responsibility for the application of information provided.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!


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