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7 Day Prayer Challenge For Spiritual Growth !

Does God change his mind when you pray? This prayer challenge will help strengthen your faith that God is listening.

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Christians in Politics: Are you bringing light or darkness?

In any political debate, you should be a light for the Gospel. Snarky sarcasm, hidden jabs, passive aggressive statements, and deep anger are all signs you are probably not motivated by love.

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What is White Privilege? A Christian Perspective!

They key is to find a way to act and listen without tearing down and removing the voice and belittling the pain of others.

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Christians & Racism: How can you fight against racism?

Division, racism, racists, police brutality, and poverty are all schemes of the devil. Let’s talk about it.

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6 Ways God Protects Us From Harm + Scriptures

God will protect and guide us into victory, as He did for King David. He will not let plagues, people, and destruction come near us. The bible promises this.

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