3+ Examples of Spiritual Warfare Dreams

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In my early Christian years, I would have dreams of demonic attacks. But my understanding of REAL spiritual battle started when I had a spiritual warfare dream many years ago (may be in 2012?). God said He would take me to “Babylon” and no one would be able to come with me, no one the dream warned twice. In Christianity, Babylon symbolizes worldliness and evil. The dream deeply confused and scared me.

However, now I fully understand the dream. God meant to take me on a journey to see the wickedness on the earth and  in the spiritual realm. He also wanted to show me how he plans to deal with it and how I can take part in the battle. He showed me how the enemy uses situations, people, our own mind, and other simple things to accomplish evil plans. It’s sad but some Christians don’t know they are working for Satan with gossip, meanness, division, etc.

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My prophetic dreams taught me…

In the past couple of years, I have had many dreams about demonic forces trying to capture saints. In one instance, my body was vibrating like an alarm as God woke me up from a dream and told me to pray for a friend. The dream showed me a friend that was spiritually blind. They didn’t see me or God’s love correctly. The truth is, many people are spiritually blind causing them to operate in narcissism, victimhood, the blame game, etc. The devil has twisted their ability to see clearly, so they blame others when they are causing their own problems! 

To open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me. Acts 26:18

In other instances, the dreams would come true. For instance, I had a dream that I was close to God and a man with a demonic spirit bumped into me. When he bumped into me he accused and judged me for my clothing. It made made me focus on my clothing more than God in the dream. In real life, this actually happened. I was at a church conference on a hot day. I had on a spaghetti strap jumper and a jacket over it. It got so hot, I tied the jacket around my waist. A Christian man, that didn’t support the conference, on a loud speaker was waiting outside of the stadium. He blasted me for my clothing and questioned my Christianity. A little later, an ultra modest denomination came into the conference to warn us we were on the wrong path and looked down at me. I was so ashamed of myself that it nearly ruined my entire experience at the concert and what God was doing in my heart. I felt like I was far from God and disappointed him. Until, I remembered the dream. Then I was able to snap out of it. 

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Then, at the same concert I got this amazing prophetic word from a visitor. But, the guy with a critical spirit was on his own loud speakers located outside of the stadium; He started to move near my section and he continued speaking from a place of judgement which drifted my focus from God. Next, A man started manifesting a demon and foaming at the mouth. Then a women ran to anoint my head to ensure that the person that prophesied over me didn’t transfer a demonic spirit to me. I was so shocked by everything, I started to lose focus again because I was noticing what Satan was doing. Finally, I decided to move very far from this activity and dive deeper into prayer for the atmosphere and God’s heart for me.

The ability to FOCUS on God when demonic activity is present is a powerful warfare strategy to destroy the enemies’ plans!

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God sent warning dreams…

In addition to this, I have had moments when I’ve felt wronged by people. God even showed me their ill-intentions in dreams. I would get mad and judge them. I thought I had a right to be mad. Then, God would give me a dream showing me their childhood and why they behave the way they do. In one dream he said, “You didn’t grow up needing to change to be loved.” I realized, God still wanted to bring that person to a place of growth and I should love them in the process.

This process has taught me so much. God showed me how Satan uses people’s pain and insecurities to attack them and attack other people. Yet, God asked me to pray and love them into his resurrection power.

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A weapon of spiritual warfare is love and kindness…

In fact, my sister had a dream about a demonic presence trying to attack our family with drama, gossip, and slander. At first we didn’t know how to interpret the dream (that’s why it’s important to write all your dreams down). But, when the situation happened, I suggested we kill the people with kindness. Long story short, she remembered someone gave her a jar of honey in the dream and she didn’t know what to do with it. However, as she approached the demon with honey (kindness) it left. It was confirmed that the real life situation should be handled with kindness. We did just that and the potential drama was squashed.

There are other situations where the enemy has sent men my way to fulfill my insecurities – loneliness or my need to feel beautiful. I would have walked right into the trap because I wanted to feel loved and I believed all Christians were safe. Thankfully, I had spiritual discernment dreams warning me about their character AND my potential to sleep with these “Christian” men. The dream revealed we both had insecurities that needed to be healed and the enemy wanted to use it to lure us into sin.

All of these situations taught me holy truths found in demonic warfare bible verses. If you are looking to follow aggressive prayer points against the enemy or a guided christian meditation for prayer check out this related Video: Spiritual Warfare Prayer for BREAKTHROUGH! Also, Use the Bible verses about fighting battles with God’s peace to defeat the enemy in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Also create spiritual warfare prayers by using these scriptures to declare what God has promised to His children in the bible.

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