The Heart Detox

What is the Heart Detox?

The Heart Detox is a free e-book, that was inspired by my transformative journey I embarked on to cleanse my heart from the negative impact of painful experiences. The ebook addresses how negativity enters our lives, leading to detrimental thought patterns, bitterness, and ingratitude. These emotions not only affect our attitude but also strain our relationships with others. 

Through my own experiences, I’ve realized that comparing my life to others is futile. Each of us has a unique set of circumstances and handles them in our own way, often influenced by our upbringing. It’s essential to acknowledge the emotional scars we carry and the impact they have on our lives.

During my personal journey with an unhealthy heart, I witnessed a decline in my happiness. Bitterness started seeping into my thoughts, and seeing others experience joy, like observing joyful Christians dancing, filled me with bitter thoughts and raised questions about their happiness. This negativity began to affect my decisions and relationships, fueling fear and frustration as I sought retribution for the pain I had endured.

Motivated to break free from this cycle of pain, I embarked on a journey to cleanse my heart. This lifelong pursuit of maintaining joy and positivity has led me to discover valuable tools and insights, which I aim to share with others through The Heart Detox. This book is specifically designed for women who seek motivation, healing from emotional abuse, freedom from toxic relationship patterns, and even those who have exhibited abusive behaviors. It encompasses a wide range of growth-oriented emotional healing techniques, focusing on personal growth rather than dwelling on our flaws.



Day One: What causes negativity and bitterness?
Day Two: Do you like Yourself? Do You Even Like People?
Day Three: Give yourself time to heal.
Day Four: How do you get over stuff?
Day Five: What do you have?
Day Six: Love Yourself, Then Love Others
Day Seven: Do people like me?
Day Eight: Creating A Safe Space
Day Nine: Doing The Hard-Work
Day Ten: Fighting Dirty
Day Eleven: What do you expect from people?
Day Twelve: Bad Decisions
Day Thirteen: Living Life With No Regrets
Day Fourteen: Learn To Love Your Beauty And Personality
+ A Bonus Activity!


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