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Dying To Self: 4 Tips To Crucify the Flesh!

The Bible commands us to live by the spirit and not our flesh. Internally there is a war: spirit vs flesh. The flesh wants to protect and provide for itself (selfish). While the spirit wants to praise/honor God and love people (selfless). “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the […]

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7 Tips to Pray for Victory Over Enemies!

We don’t battle with flesh and blood. Here are six steps to engage in spiritual warfare while praying for victory over your enemies.

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Fasting and Prayer to Access Breakthrough, Power & Miracles!

Fasting in christianity clears emotional clutter and helps you to hear God clearer. Getting closer to God is outlined when you review fasting in the bible and fasting scriptures.

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7 Day Prayer Challenge For Spiritual Growth !

Does God change his mind when you pray? This prayer challenge will help strengthen your faith that God is listening.

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4 Steps To Forgive Those That Offend You!

Jesus demonstrated forgiveness, how to love your enemy, & love your neighbor. These biblical steps will help you let go of bitterness, resentment, & anger.

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