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7 Day Prayer Challenge For Spiritual Growth !

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Looking for a prayer challenge for yourself, a prayer challenge for friends, a prayer challenge for women, a prayer challenge for wives, or a prayer challenge for your future husband? Or, fasting challenges? This is the perfect challenge for you. This challenge centers around strengthening your faith to believe the impossible in any situation. What do you get when you sign up?

All of Adorned Heart’s challenges are deeply rooted in SCRIPTURE and the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Our daily prayers and scriptures include: prayers for peace, craving outprayer time, prayers for healing, prayers for marriage restoration, prayer for purpose, prayer for friendships, etc. We believe God is capable of the impossible and encourage unique prayers. However, we consistently remind and direct that His will is the most important for our lives.

  1. Sign up for the prayer challenge mailing list.
  2. We will send you daily emails with verses and prayer points.
  3. You will pick 1-3 things you are believing God for, to pray into.
  4. Over the course of the 7 days you will spend time praying and reading the word of God.
  5. You will record everything you experience and learn during this time to capture what God is speaking to your individual life.
  6. After the 7 day challenge, there will be a continuous flow of other challenges and encouragements from that mailing list. There is a 7 Day Positive Thinking Challenge, 14 Days Emotional Healing Prayer Challenge, Prayer + Fasting Challenges, 14 day Bible Scripture Reading Focus, etc.!

We have people partaking from Fiji, Africa, India, China, America, Trinidad, Jamaica, etc. It is truly touching women globally. 

Worldwide Testimonials

I have changed a lot I even preached yesterday In our family and prayed I feel my bond with God is now stronger I even today woke up at 3 and prayed I even read bible before I go to sleep and in the morning after waking up.” – Grace

It was worth it all, I am healing, thanks to God he used Adorned Heart to reach to me. I am a daughter of the Most High!” – Annora

So it’s 14 days already. Wow God used this Page to talk to me and I was very open to listening. A lot has happened to me and it’s all for the good. I bless the name of the Lord ❤️!” – Geraldine

I have learnt to be still and waiting for God’s timing!” – Batoul

I am feeling God’s love all around me, although am passing through a challenge I believe that I shall overcome cause I know that the devil is a liar.” – Judy

It’s been peaceful all along. Such indescribable peace.” – Derby

I’m pretty much recharged and I must say my dreams and visions are more clear and no more nightmares. Thanks and big up to the team!” – Gaone

My prayer is going on well now today I had a strange dream I dreamt of a big black dog that got stuck in my hand while I was holding a child then suddenly the big black dog fall off and dead I looked at it and run inside the house to tell my mother about it then I found my late dad who said am glad and he took off so I asked my mum to come with me outside then when we went outside I saw my young brother about to throw it in a pit of fire. I really dont know what it means but I feel it was a good dream. I replied, “Sounds like warfare. Sounds like your dad is proud that you and your family have keep praying and loving God. What do you think?“” – Favouritte

It has really helped me. This Page has blessed, inspired, and motivated me. It has also lifted my spirit. Thanks for your words of encouragement!” – Linus

There has been testimonies of relationships healing, emotional pain being healed, deeper intimacy with God, deeper revelation of God’s word, etc. We can’t wait to HEAR YOUR TESTIMONY!!!

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!


    • Innocent Orah

      Please I need God’s forgiveness.

      1. Please anything that Satan will use to attack me be destroyed. Amen.

      2. Healing me of known and unknown sicknesses.

      3. Deliverance from evil forces and there manipulations, from financial barreness, delay, disappointment, stagnation,hatred, disappointment at edge of breakthrough.
      4. Financial breakthrough, open doors, business contact, connections etc.

      • Christina Daniels

        I pray for God’s forgiveness to embrace you completely. May His power dismantle all avenues Satan seeks to exploit. May you be healed from every sickness and shielded from evil forces. May you overcome financial struggles, delays, and disappointments, stepping into a realm of abundance, open doors, and fulfilling connections. Amen!

  • FRB

    I have been enormously blessed by your articles and eye-opening teachings. May the well from which you draw never run dry in Jesus name amen.

  • Darryl T

    I am a kindred spirit, as God chose for me to find your site. Saved and with divine intervention and God willing share with my wife, and may God bless us and keep us empowered in this the time of Judgement. My prayers are that you may bring as many to salvation before Jesus returns to Earth, the time is near and you are truly great to be able to convey his love for us.
    Humbled and thankful to be with our Father who art in heaven,
    Darryl T

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