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I believe that negativity enters our lives through horrible life experiences – It causes unhealthy thought patterns, bitterness, and ungratefulness. Most of us aren’t sure when emotional blockage became visitors in our hearts; But, we know that these emotions are causing us problems.

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It’s painful to know that our thoughts are seeping into our attitude and it’s causing people to stay away from us. Or, do you stay away from others because of your thoughts? I bet it’s hard for you to be around people. Their behavior and everything they do may annoy you! You don’t want to be negative and bitter; But, you can’t help it!

Let me say this: No has experienced the life you have lived but you. Even though, we mayshare some of the same pain… It happened to you in a unique way. You understood it in a unique way. You handled it in the way your parents showed you. If you didn’t have anyone to show you how to handle pain… Maybe, you didn’t handle it at all.

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My point is, you can’t compare your life to other people. Your emotional scars are the harshest reality that you have experienced and that’s okay.

When I started The Heart Detox, I noticed I was losing myself. I was the girl that people would always ask, “Why are you so happy?” Then, one day I saw a group of Christians dancing and I bitterly thought: “What the HELL is wrong with them? Why are they so happy?

I was shocked by the drastic decline in my positivity. I noticed other angry, vengeful, and bitter thoughts! I realized that the decisions I made in my life were causing me unhappiness.

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I also loved people so much but found myself becoming scared and frustrated with them. My thoughts were becoming jaded and focused on paying back people for the pain I felt. I wanted to avoid “feeling.” But, I couldn’t keep feeling like that because I didn’t want to continue the cycle of pain in the world. So, I started a journey to purify my heart.

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Keeping joy and positivity in my heart is and has been a life long journey – but, I’ve learned amazing tools to keep my growth process healthy. I want to share a few of the things that I’ve learned with you. There is so much more I want to tell you but The Heart Detox is the first step! These are steps towards releasing emotional blockage that holds you back from great relationships and achieving your goals!

This emotional detox book is for women that are looking for motivation, have been emotionally abused, ending toxic relationship cycles, has been the abuser in relationships, etc. It is all encompassing and focuses on growth based emotional healing techniques not your FLAWS!

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How to remove emotional stress and pain? Check out the Table of Contents:

Day One: What causes negativity and bitterness?
Day Two: Do you like Yourself? Do You Even Like People?
Day Three: Give yourself time to heal.
Day Four: How do you get over stuff?
Day Five: What do you have?
Day Six: Love Yourself, Then Love Others
Day Seven: Do people like me?
Day Eight: Creating A Safe Space
Day Nine: Doing The Hard-Work
Day Ten: Fighting Dirty
Day Eleven: What do you expect from people?
Day Twelve: Bad Decisions
Day Thirteen: Living Life With No Regrets
Day Fourteen: Learn To Love Your Beauty And Personality
+ A Bonus Activity!

Download The Heart Detox For Free, Now!

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I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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