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5 Reasons You’re Dreaming About A Future Husband

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Dreaming of a future husband can be a meaningful experience, as it may indicate that God wants to guide you towards a possibility for love in the future or provide a warning about your emotional state, or the emotional state of your future partner. Through dreams, He teaches us to understand our own hearts and the hearts of others. This is preparation for choosing a healthy spouse and being healthy enough to steward a Christ-centered marriage.

Too many people go into marriage carrying emotional baggage, such as generational trauma, unforgiveness, insecurities, distrust, and controlling tendencies. So, let’s take a deeper look at your dream and evaluate how you can grow and prepare for the marriage of your dreams!

I would love to help you in the process as well, you can click here to share your dream (or a prayer request). I will try my best, but remember that God wants YOU to grow in intimacy with him… So, sometimes you’ll have to pray and wait for him to reveal the interpretation.

1. Is it Symbolic?

A symbol is “a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract,” according to Oxford Languages.

Sometimes, God uses a specific person in our dreams to help provoke feelings and thoughts. He does this so we can get deeper insight about the condition of our hearts. Therefore, the future husband in your dream might represent:

  1. The state of your relationship with God:
    • Sometimes the husband might be signifying God as the bride groom. This dream might directly reflect how you feel about God/Jesus.
    • Your dream might also be urging you to remove any idols and distractions that are reducing your intimacy with God. As marriage can be symbolic of a covenant (bond) with something that isn’t Godly. In the Bible, Paul said: “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him.” 2 Corinthians 11:2
  2. Your belief systems about love and marriage: the husband in the dream might reflect what you feel overall towards marriage. Pay special attention to the characteristics of this man and what you felt about love in the dream. This will help you understand any negative + positive belief systems.
  3. Your belief systems about men: Your dream could be indicating the positive or negative emotions that you have towards men. Evaluate what you felt towards him and use that to understand how you generally feel about marriage + men.
  4. They represent the qualities of a soulmate: perhaps God wants you to realize the qualities that you liked about the person in the dream! Maybe he wants you to believe that there is someone that will have those traits? And to believe that Mr. Amazing is truly possible! Don’t get caught up on a specific person, but realize that having a healthy and kind husband is within God’s heart for you!

The key is to take note of what you think and feel about the person that is your husband. And what did you feel in the dream? Those two key feelings are usually the root of the message within the dream.

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2. Unhealed Emotions

Dreaming about a future husband can be an indication of your emotional state. Evaluate the dream. Are you afraid of losing him? Did you feel hopeless or empty after the dream? Is it someone in real life that you feel would never notice you? Were you experiencing a negative emotion in the dream? Are you afraid you’ll never get married? Does marriage scare you? Answering yes to one of these questions is an indication that God is trying to get to the root of fear, insecurity, and some type of brokenness.

Dreaming about a future husband can be an indication of your emotional state.

I remember dreaming about a guy that was interested in me and in the dream we were in a full blown relationship. I wanted this dream to mean I should go ahead and jump headfirst into the relationship. In real life and in the dream, He was soft and gentle with my heart, so I was ignoring my negative gut feelings about him. In the dream, I knew he was a womanizer and then later on (in real life) it proved to be true.

I realized the dream was showing me, I was so desperate for love that I was willing to overlook a character flaw in him and myself. We would have had a HORRIBLE marriage. Since then, He has been in and out of relationships that have ended ugly publicly.

3. A Revelation of The Man’s Soul

Sometimes, God is showing you someone’s spiritual and emotional state as a warning or unction to pray.

At one point, a male friend was interested in me and I began to pray about it. He was a nice guy on the outside and I thought he was kind enough. I started dreaming about being in his house and it was cold and uncomfortable. Then finally, I dreamt of us being together and looking to buy a house. In the dream, He liked the houses without proper foundations and it bothered me. In real life, I eventually realized that he was not fully rooted in Christ as I thought.

In another dream, I saw that a very well respected male in my community was interested in me, but he was in a relationship.

In another dream, I saw that a very well respected person in my community was interested in me, but he was in a relationship. A few months later, they broke up and he was trying to date me. However, the dream had already warned me. In the dream, it showed me very broken pieces of his soul. Later, I found out my dream was accurate as his personal drama started to manifest for everyone to see.

Honestly, people are MORE than what they seem on the outside. There are so many emotional layers to EVERYONE. And the outside view of others is NOT a true reflection of what is happening on the inside. So we need God to help us navigate the souls of others in relationships and friendships. Be thankful when God reveals the conditions of someone’s heart to you… Because it will help you avoid a destructive marriage.

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4. Communication Between You and God

God loves to speak to his children and sometimes dreams are just that. God wants to speak to the ones he finds trustworthy about EVERYTHING! Yes, he wants us to seek healing and engage in prayer, but God also speaks because you’re a friend that can be trusted with heavenly secrets.

I’ve had dreams about the condition of people’s hearts that are already in a marriage. I’ve seen the pain and brokenness in the wives and husbands, but these dreams are not indicating that they’re my future spouse. The dreams are encouragements to pray for them and ask God to heal their hearts, so their marriage doesn’t end in divorce and destruction.

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5. It’s a Prophetic Dream About your Future Husband

And sometimes you are right, the prophetic dream might be God revealing your future husband. But remember, God is not the author of confusion. So you need to go through a process of testing the dream and seeking God to ensure you are discerning the dream correctly.

If it is TRULY a word from GOD then he will confirm it beyond just you. He will confirm it ALOT of times without you telling him what the confirmations should be. You won’t have to convince yourself or others that it’s a word from God. In my experience, he will send people to remind you EVERY step of the way. He will give you EVERYTHING you need during your times of doubt to PROP you up.

He will give you EVERYTHING you need during your times of doubt to continue in faith.

When you are truly hearing God, the journey will bring spiritual and emotional fruit. God will strip away pride, entitlement, selfishness, and self-righteousness during your wait. Your faith will get stronger and you will understand God more clearly. You will be able to wait years for anything God tells you and you will be able to hear NO without getting upset. Ultimately, the journey will help you let go of the world and embrace God. You will only want what God wants at the end.

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I’m sure God revealed my husband in a dream!

In scripture, God usually sent a prophetic word about a situation when it was going to be a hard situation or a long wait. God is faithful and kind. He wants to give us confirmations that will help us to walk by FAITH and NOT sight.

Encouraging examples of God confirming a prophetic word:

  • Mary’s Story: The Old Testament testified to the coming of Jesus Christ. Also, Mary received word she would have God’s child from an Angel. Then, Elizabeth (Mary’s Cousin) received a word that Mary was pregnant with Jesus. Lastly, Joseph didn’t believe Mary was really pregnant for God. So, Joseph planned to leave her. Mary didn’t have to convince Joseph to stay. When Joseph was about to leave, an Angel told him to fear not and said that Mary was truly carrying the Messiah.
  • Gideon’s Story: God spoke to Gideon and told him to guide the Israelites from the hands of the Midianites. Gideon wanted confirmations because he was afraid. He asked God to confirm by making his fleece dewy twice, which God did. Then, Gideon was encouraged by a dream from a Midianite of his victory. However, try not to follow this example and tell God what signs you need to see. Avoid having suggestive prayers be your main confirmation. For example, If that is my future spouse allow them to wear green tomorrow. Or, wake me up at 3:00a if it’s him.

How to pray for confirmation

Now a days, I pray for God to confirm things in a way that I can’t manipulate. I also pray for confirmation to come from someone that knows nothing about the situation. In addition, I ask God to give me confirmations that I can’t second guess OR misinterpret.

If you can’t let Go and trust God, then there is a problem. You must be open, so you can allow God to speak freely without jumping to conclusions.

Allow God the freedom to direct you and heal you as needed.

Could you be misinterpreting God’s voice because you are hearing him through pain? The truth is, God wants to speak with you about EVERYTHING because he cares… not because it’s yours or it will happen. Once again, we should be so committed to God’s Will that we are willing to drop what we want. It isn’t EASY to drop it, but we should be willing. Dropping the desire to be right or get what you want keeps our hearts pure and open to God’s best.

When our heart posture is unhealthy, we latch onto misinterpreted words. We can’t let go. Then, we get consumed with the person, what we want, or being right. The truth is, if It’s God speaking then you should be able to let go, not fall apart, and refrain from manipulative tactics to get your way. If you can’t let go and be okay emotionally… There is A HIGH likelihood that you are misinterpreting your dream.

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  • Jen

    This was such an insightful post! Great wisdom you shared here about how God communicates in dreams. I very much enjoyed reading the scripture references of Mary and Gideon.

  • Madeline

    Christina, thank you for this thoughtful article. I’m currently seeing a wonderful guy who dreamt of his future wife (a girl with red hair… so not me) and I’ve been seeking wisdom in proceeding forward with the relationship. Your article is an encouragement to continue praying for God’s decernment separate from our personal desires.

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