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4 Meanings When You Dream of Church

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In a positive sense, dreams about church mean that you embarking on truth, spiritual awakening, guidance, healing, and love. In a negative sense, dreams about church mean a place of judgment, shame, and discomfort due to the a situation in the present or within the past. In addition, the dream can be a sign to get connected with God on a deeper level and to take practical steps to access his presence.

Overall, dreams about church are usually symbolic and not literal. The church usually represents godliness or pain endured in the name of God. Either way, this type of dream is a reminder to explore the impact that “church” “God” and “spiritually” has had on you. 

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Why am I dreaming about church?

The dream meaning of church depends on the emotions within your dream. The emotions will reveal a positive or negative connection with all things church. Then, you can evaluate where those emotions and mindsets stem from for deeper healing or spiritual awakening.

1. Church represents Guidance, Wisdom, and Truth

Church is a place that you should receive wisdom and guidance for your life’s direction. Perhaps you are going through a period of change and/or challenges? If so, this dream is revealing that you may need to search for answers from God to guide you.

Try praying to God and asking him to put you on the right path, with the right people, and at the right place for divine alignment in your life. Remember, God will hear your prayer and help you navigate your challenge with wisdom, truth, and strength.

2. Church represents Healing, Love, and Community

Church is a place where you should experience healing, love, and strength as you’re surrounded by a growth oriented community. Your dream may be revealing a need to surround yourself with people that are pure, selfless, and safe for your tender + fragile heart.

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3. Church represent Spiritual Awakening

Church is place for people to receive understanding and wisdom for God. As God gives, your eyes will be opened to see the world, people, and life in a totally new way. Therefore, your dream may be showing your spiritual progress.

Are you realizing things that are profound, powerful, and counter cultural? Can you see the brokenness and unhealthy patterns of the world? Does your heart yearn to see beauty and love on this planet? If you’re starting to feel unsettled with the status quo and you’re dreaming about church, it sounds like you’re getting closer to God.

4. Church represents Shame, Judgment, and Fear

The idea of church can also have a very negative taste in your mouth. If so, may I ask why? The reasoning might give you a clue as to why you’re having this dream.

Usually, most people have negative feelings towards church have felt unworthy of a relationship with God or church members. If this is you, I would suggest forgiving yourself for your current and past mistakes. The purpose of a higher power is to guide us into the right direction and help us avoid mistakes. We are not wise enough to navigate this hard word alone.

Lastly, have you experienced criticism and shame from church members? Then your dream might be showing a need to forgive the ones that hurt you.

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1. What does it mean to dream about going to church with family?

To dream about going to church with family may represent they are on the same path as you. They too are headed to spiritual awakening and intimacy to God.

2. Why was the church full of people?

A church full of people could represent that many people are also on the same path as you. Or, it could represent the fear of being surrounded by people that would hurt you. Also, the church members in the dream may indicate being surrounded by a community of love, light, and positivity.

3. What does being prayed for in a dream mean?

Being prayed for in a dream means you are receiving spiritual help for a situation you’re in. Also, there may be people that consistently

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