QUIZ: Are You Carrying Emotional Baggage?

Take this quiz to find out if you are being weighed down by the things that happened to you! Then, you can start to clear the clutter to live your best life!

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel.

Be as honest as possible. This is a private quiz, only YOU have access to the results.

1. I often question the intentions of people.
2. People that are friendly are usually up to something sneaky.
3. I get annoyed or angry easily, and I can't control it.
4. I have been hurt badly by other people or life situations.
5. I feel like no one understands me.
6. People have questioned my motives and intentions.
7. People tend to get annoyed with me quickly.
8. Sometimes I call myself unkind words.
9. I'm not happy with my life and don't have much hope things will change.
10. I have a hard time with friendships or relationships.
11. I tend to have negative thoughts.
12. I prefer to be alone.
13. I have painful memories or avoid thinking about anything painful.
14. I compare my life to others and/or I'm disappointed with my life.
15. I think about the same memories all the time.
16. I am afraid to go after my dreams.
17. I try to get my own way in situations.
18. I have a really hard time when I hurt the feelings of others.
19. I criticize and judge others.
20. I think people are attacking me with their words, passively.
21. I can't get simple tasks done.
22. I'm usually so busy and focused on other things that I don't do special things for myself.
23. I have uncontrollable obsessions or addictions (food, television, sex, drugs, etc.)
24. I don't share my feelings with anyone.
25. I over analyze to prevent bad things from happening.
26. I keep ending up in the same relationship or situation problems.

All 1 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Are You Carrying Emotional Baggage?

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