23 Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

22 Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship
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23 Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

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The fact that YOU are HERE is the number one sign that God is preparing you for a relationship that leads to marriage. God put the burden on your heart to inquire, so that he could start giving you revelation to get prepared for your Godly spouse! That’s exciting my friend.

As an Empowerment Coach, my goal is to prepare amazing individuals for healthy and Christ-centered relationships. God truly wants to bless each of us, but if we don’t have the emotional wellness to steward our blessings it can be hard. If you’d like me to help you on your process, you can sign up for 20 minutes of coaching for free! I’ll give you a detailed list of things you can sort through personally if you’re the independent type. Or we can continue to work together!

Here are 23 other signs that God is preparing you for a relationship:

1. You are seriously starting to ponder, research, and pray more about relationships. This may be happening because God has put a burden on your heart to explore this subject in hopes of being properly prepared.

2. You are seeking to understand the purpose of a Godly relationship. You will come to realize that a Godly relationship consists of two people that are devoted with God. There will be hard moments in life which will be hard to endure in marriage, but with God in both of your hearts you will withstand. Ultimately, a Godly relationship is about finding a companion, friend, and teammate to serve/pursue God and enjoy creation together (have children, enjoy family, etc.)

3. You feel led to list and then pray for certain qualities in a spouse. In the past, you may have been blinded by someone’s physical attributes, but you want more than that now. So you’re writing out Godly qualities for a spouse so you can trust God for someone that truly shows biblical love.

4. God is speaking to you about marriage. And God is confirming through a knowing, prophetic words, dreams, people, and situations that marriage is in your future.

5. There is a deep desire to share your romantic love with your spouse only. Are you guarding your vulnerability, boundaries, and the access you give the opposite sex to your heart? Then it seems you have a deep burden to be cautious with the opposite sex because you don’t want to awaken love till you’re with your spouse. God finds that so beautiful!

6. You feel a peace and confidence that God has an amazing partner for you. “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace” 1 Corinthians 14:33

7. God has been helping you to heal from unhealthy generational patterns. Take a look at the brokenness in your family. Is divorce, addictions, silent treatment, un-forgiveness, depression, anxiety, control, manipulation, and other unhealthy behaviors present? Well you’re not alone, we all have generational patterns that we have adopted from our guardians. But God is highlighting this so you can heal and stop the cycle from continuing own with your children.

“The main ingredients in a healthy marriage are two imperfect people that are committed to being perfected by God." - Christina J. Daniels

8. God is becoming your main source of love and joy. A spouse will not make you happy if your core is filled with loneliness, sadness, lust, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and rage. Many couples think their issues fade away when they’re high on love, but eventually everyone comes crashing down and the crash can be emotionally devastating.

9. You desire a companion and not an idol that will replace your need for God. You are not seeking a partner to fill your needs and expectations. Often times, when we desire a partner to make us feel complete we end up making them our “IDOL”. An idol is anyone or anything that we put before God. God wants you to feel content whether you get a spouse or not.

10. You’re learning to love yourself and you don’t need the approval of others. If that’s you then that’s amazing. People will always have negative things to say and if you’re not confident they’ll hurt you. You need to be open to correction, but not bruised by judgment and criticism. You are who God says you are NOT who people say.

11. Pride is being stripped in your life and you are aware that you don’t know everything. You are focused on someone with Godly character, but you’re not fixated on the package in comes in. You may also be learning that people are completely different from you and there is ALWAYS something to learn and get better at in human interactions. I would date individuals that were broken and try to give them the most powerful love they’ve ever receive and that’s a prideful recipe for disaster. I suggest you examine if you have any of these 7 areas of pride to humbly wait for God.

12. You’re not afraid of facing your fears. And you are learning to run to God with your pain and not away from him. If you stuff and ignore your pain it can destroy your soul and relationships.

13. You are learning to trust God rather getting your own way with toxic self-protection strategies – manipulation, blame shifting, gaslighting, control, lying, mind games, etc.

14. You’re excited for a relationship, but you’d still love God without one. You’re aware that singleness is an HONOR and blessing to the righteous child of God. And you have a deep contentment and knowing that God is GOOD despite the circumstances around you. If you can’t be in relationship with God it’ll be hard with another. Because we only know how to love because God first loved us.

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15. Taking your time is important. You’re able to be cautious and observe people before you let them very close to your heart. Entering into a relationship too fast blinds us from seeing others clearly and settling for the wrong relationship.

“You must first know yourself and the Lord if you want to marry right.”- Samuel Zulu

16. You are becoming less fearful of waiting for a Godly partner and saying NO to counterfeits sent to distract you! Waiting will allow God time to heal you of generational patterns and self-protection behaviors that the enemy wants to use to destroy your marriage. Take your time and submit to God’s healing process. A determination to find a GOD fearing wife and a REAL Godly man is required to have a healthy marriage!

17. Shining is becoming a non negotiable for you. You’re learning to be your authentic self and shine brightly even if it makes others feel insecure.

18. You know that your voice matters and you don’t bottle up all your emotions. You’re vulnerable and open, but you’re not petty, revengeful, passive-aggressive, and you refuse to give someone the silent treatment.

19. You want to honor God. And you want to give more to your spouse than you’d get in return.

20. FORGIVENESS, APOLOGIES, and being open to correction is important to your faith walk. And you have a desire to show every quality of biblical love. Honestly, marriage isn’t for kids. Marriage involves forgiveness and opening up your heart when you feel like crying. In marriage you must be determined to LOVE your partner despite not getting your own needs met. It’s selfless, sacrificial, and powerful when both partners can lay down their life for their family.

21. You feel an urge to get your life in order. You may have a deeper sense of purpose and vision for your future and a desire to budget, organize, and plan. God is doing this so you can easily merged with someone else’s life and determine if your partner is a good match in these areas.

22. You desire to keep God at the center of your marriage forever. Your desire to keep God at the center will allow you to gravitate to someone with that same desire. The main ingredients in a healthy marriage are two imperfect people that are committed to being perfected by God.

23. God is speaking to you about a specific person and you are wondering if that is your spouse. If that’s you, you be aware that God likes to talk to us about EVERYTHING not only for the sake of relationships. For instance, you may be insecure and fearful that someone may not like you back, so God could be showing you that person in dreams to lead you into healing. You can learn how to tell if the dream is for healing OR because he’s leading you to them here.

33 Signs You’re Not Ready For Marriage

  • You feel alone and unhappy without your partner
  • No one in your life can give you constructive criticism about your relationship
  • Insecurity and fear stop you from being your authentic self
  • You aren’t able to see your partner’s weaknesses
  • You think their red flags aren’t a big deal
  • There are unhealthy behaviors present (manipulation, control, blame-shifting, etc.)
  • You don’t notice personality differences
  • There are expectations for your partner to fill you needs
  • You both avoid confrontation or have explosive confrontations

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Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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