How to Fast and Pray for a Future Husband
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How to Start Fasting and Praying for a Future Husband

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Fasting and prayer, two transformative practices, serve as not only acts of faith but also essential steps in preparing your heart and spirit for the incredible husband that God has thoughtfully ordained for your life’s journey.

Remember, love is real, and good men do exist.

This article will take you on a journey that goes beyond the surface of marriage. Its aim is to prepare your soul for a deeper union with Christ as well.

Why should you fast and pray for a future husband?

We often choose partners, friendships, and situations based on our level of emotional healing. When we enter into relationships from a place of brokenness, they can disrupt our peace, distract us from God, and delay our purpose.

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Many people find themselves in unhealthy relationships because they were chasing after their own desires instead of seeking God’s will for their lives. Similarly, In the past, I accepted partners who were insecure, fearful of rejection, and unable to take personal responsibility. I would try to make them feel loved and feed into their insecurities because it made me feel secure. I loved the feeling of being the most powerful love they’d ever feel. However, I eventually learned that I am not God, and when I fell short, they reverted to their broken tendencies.

I would subconsciously seek relationships that filled my emotional needs, but God taught me that this was idolatry. God wanted to heal my loneliness, insecurities, pain, and fears, and He wanted to be the source of life, joy, and love in my life.

God delights in your growth and desires for you to draw closer to him. As you draw closer, he will heal any pain, fears, and idolatry in your life. Once you are healed, he can then reveal his perfect will for your life. My advice to you is to focus on inner healing, so that you can attract a man who is also seeking God’s will for his life. Additionally, consider fasting and praying for a Godly man to enter your life.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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How to Start Fasting and Praying for a Future Husband

1. Create a Husband List

What type of man are you waiting on God for? It’s time to decide what type of man YOU want in your life. Write a list of the perfect attributes of your soulmate.  When you write it down, then you should pray for God to release your hopes and desires to you in His timing!

Here are a few traits I value:

  • A man that’s humble and can admit wrong
  • Gentle kindness are visible in his actions and speech
  • Honesty is important to him
  • Healthy emotional life and no hidden sin
  • Wisdom guides him in all he does
  • He isn’t easily angered because he’s patient
  • He listens to God and isn’t rebellious
  • A man who fights to stay connected to me and God
  • He is sober-minded and makes good decisions
  • I am comfortable submitting because he’s a good leader
  • He is a good communicator and isn’t afraid of hard conversations

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2. Pursue Inner Healing

Before meeting your husband, it’s important to fast and pray for God to purify your heart. Inner brokenness can cause conflict and never ending issues within your marriage.

It will make it easier to identify your partner’s level of healing when you’re healed.

Pray and fast for inner healing in these areas:

  • Insecurities: Do you think that you need a man to feel beautiful, seen, and special? But what if your man can’t make you feel that way? Will you end up feeling rejected and resentful towards him?
  • Purpose + calling: Do you know what God has called you to do? Are you waiting for your husband to follow God’s plan for your life? Instead, try seeking God for your individual purpose and you’ll know if your husband aligns with your life when you meet him.
  • Emotional Lack: Do you feel lonely, depressed, and empty without a man? But the truth is, no man can ever fill that void completely. If you expect him to, you may end up resenting him for it.
  • Distrust in God: Can you trust God to intervene and guide your spouse when you’re having a disagreement? Or will you resort to manipulation, control, lying, or other tactics to get what you want?
  • Generational patterns: Are you noticing a pattern of divorce, anger, addiction, passiveness, people-pleasing, or financial issues in your family? If you haven’t broken that cycle with God’s help, it’s likely to repeat in your own life.
  • Expectations: Do you expect your husband to be your best friend, share your interests, clean the way you do, be romantic, communicate like you do, and make you feel loved? But building that kind of relationship takes hard work, and you might struggle in the beginning as you both heal and learn to understand each other’s needs.
  • Childhood Trauma: Did you experience poor treatment from parents, friends, teachers, siblings, or other family members? It’s possible that you’re carrying wounds from those experiences, and they may cause you to unconsciously fear similar treatment from others. For example, if a parent was absent, you might struggle with fear of abandonment, loneliness, or difficulty understanding love.
  • Pain from past relationships: Do you find that the pain from previous relationships still lingers, even after they’ve ended? Whether it’s romantic relationships or friendships, that kind of pain can leave deep scars on our souls. It’s important to allow God to remove that trauma so that you don’t unconsciously fear those patterns repeating.
  • Fear of being rejected: If your man does something that makes you feel unwanted, how will you react? Can you respond with kindness and love, even in the face of rejection?
  • Fear of abandonment: Are you afraid that your man will leave you? Will you try to control him to make sure he stays? Or will you try to be perfect in every way to make him stay?
  • Staying open: Can you stay open and vulnerable, even in the face of pain and disappointment? This is the kind of vulnerability that’s necessary for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


3. Start Fasting and Praying for Your Future Husband

Fasting and praying helps you to hear what God wants for your life clearer. When you hear God’s voice clearly you will pray for things that He wants to do in your love life. Also, fasting gives God the opportunity to cleanse your heart and ensure you aren’t praying from impure motives. Here is a guide to ensure your heart is in the right place of purity as you fast and pray.

  1. Pick the type of fast you want: social media fast, liquid fast, sunrise to sunset fast, sugar fast, technology fast, or Daniel Fast.
  2. Schedule time to read the word: The Word has a supernatural effect on our entire being. It causes us to become wiser and more spiritually aware. Even if you don’t immediately understand what you’re reading, it is like a seed that you plant in your soul. It will begin to grow and eventually become a tree, and you will realize how much the Bible has helped you grow into the powerful and righteous person that Christ intended you to be.
  3. Talk to God: Share your emotions and thoughts with God throughout the day. He cares about you and wants a direct connection with you.
  4. Worship: Praise God for being in control and being good.
  5. Thank God: Stay grateful and embrace what you have right now. Remember that if God has you single right now, it’s for a reason.
  6. Delight in the Lord: Pursue your purpose and love the people around you well. This will help you learn more about yourself and the kind of man you want. Developing relationship skills with family and friends will also help you know what you will and will not tolerate in a marriage.

When you fast you will break toxic cycles, demonic strongholds, and generational curses. Also, you are getting filled with the fruits of the spirit, you’re able to access God’s peace, you’ll deepen your relationships with God, and you’ll feel more content as you wait on God. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of intimacy with God.

Expect that God wants to reveal intricate details to you as you wait. He wants to talk to you about:

  1. Preparing your inner and external life for your future partner.
  2. Recognizing and choosing the right partner who will complement you.
  3. Finding contentment in God at all times.
  4. Developing the ability to trust God during difficult times.


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What prayers to say while fasting?

You should say prayers that focus on the spiritual maturity of you and your future husband. And you should pray that you are both in God’s divine timing to meet, date, and get married.

You should pray that your husband:

  • Protected from temptations: O’ Lord, I ask that you protect my husband from the schemes of the enemy. I ask that you keep him pure and righteous in your sight. I declare that he has laser vision and focus to follow your leading, right now.
  • Submits to the leading of the Lord: Father in heaven, thank you for guiding my husband into your will. I ask that he would have clear discernment, so he doesn’t stray from your path.
  • Has a pure heart: O’ Lord, I ask that you search my husband’s heart and cleanse it from pride, anger, lust, rebellion, deceit, fear, and control. Thank you, Father, because as I pray, he is letting go of control and dying to his flesh.
  • Is filled with fruits of the spirit: Abba father, thank you for filling my husband with “…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, [and] self-control…” – Galatians 5:22-23.
  • Has financial and career success: O’ Lord, bless my husband with promotions, jobs, and favor so that he can do your will. I ask that he would work unto you and not unto man. I thank you that he is stable and can keep a job. I thank you that he is financially wise, saves, and a cheerful giver.
  • Can make good decisions: Father, I desire a man that seeks you for decisions and moves swiftly at the sound of your voice. Thank you, Father, that you are preparing my husband’s heart and mind to make great decisions that honor you and bring good fruits.
  • Has a great community: I thank you, Papa, for surrounding my husband with good family, friends, and spiritual mentors. I thank you that he is accountable to them, and he considers their guidance. I ask that he would feel loved and seen by his community. Thank you that he hears their wisdom and it’s guiding him in the right direction.
  • Will fight for connection: O’ Lord, I pray that my husband would become bold and focused in his pursuit of you. I thank you that his submission to you will lead him to me. I ask that he wouldn’t waste time, and he wouldn’t let insecurities or anything hinder him from fiercely coming after me.
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4 Prayers for A Future Husband

O Lord, I thank you for putting excitement in my spirit for my Godly match. I am grateful that you see the end from the beginning and have good things in store for me. Please remove any fear, pain, and unhealed areas in my heart. Father, help me to be whole and secure in you so that I do not depend on my husband to be my source of love, life, and happiness. You make me complete, God. You make me whole. I thank you for loving me to the depths of my core, and I pray that my husband would also experience the depth and width of your love. I ask that we would both understand your love so much that real love becomes our standard. Amen.

Dear Father, I pray that my future husband and I will not be emotionally attracted to partners who are not meant for us. Thank you for giving us the strength and confidence to trust your warnings when someone is not our spouse. Please protect us from counterfeits, toxic relationships, and partners who seek to harm us. I ask for discernment and revelation so that we may see the depths of their heart. I trust you to guide my dating life, Father, and I place my heart in your hands. I believe that you will guide us both to each other because we complement each other. Thank you for helping us to understand our personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Amen.

Thank you, Father, because in our time of singleness, you are boldly equipping us. You are teaching us about our calling and how we can love the body of Christ. Please help us both to begin walking in our Godly purpose and hear your direction to walk in the power of the Gospel. I desire to be a testimony of your love, God. I also desire that my future marriage magnifies your name and promotes the kingdom of God. Thank you for teaching my husband and me about the Bible and how to love others. I am excited to be in a relationship that is ordained by you, God! I trust you, Abba. Amen.

Thank you, God, for bringing a Godly man into my life. I ask for the love, gentleness, honesty, and strength to love him as you do. Lord, I humbly submit myself to you, and I ask that I could be humble in his sight as well. Thank you for molding me to be a Proverbs 31 woman who brings my husband honor. O’ Lord, I also thank you for doing the same work in his heart. I am grateful that you are causing us to be equally yoked so that we can walk together. With you, God, we are powerful, and we will honor you with our lives, family, and love. Amen.

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Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!


  • Vivian

    Father lord Jesus .please bless me with my future husban .that have fear of God .respert .and passionale Jesus name

      • Laura

        Thank you so much for the powerful message and prayer points for my future husband.I declare, pray and have faith that my future husband will be even more than what i have prayed for.

        I have pinned my wedding day in faith and i know God will answer me????????

        I will meet my God ordained spouse in who i will share true love with sooner than i expect

        With prayer and faith, all things are possible and God does not withold any good things to us because we love him,Allelujah ????

        • Christina Daniels

          Thank you for your heartfelt response! May your prayers be answered, and may you find true love and happiness with your God-ordained spouse. With faith and trust in God, all things are possible. Alleluia! God bless you on your journey towards marriage! xoxo Christina

  • selena cole

    this is a wonderful reading all the steps in finding my future husband are very helpful and refreshing. God never promised us easy but he did promise us blessings and favor and also grace. so through this, I will trust in God to bring me my future handsome husband to me so we can break down the walls of the enemy’s kingdom and let him know that he has no power over gods children. I can’t wait to see who god blesses me with ?.

    • Christina Daniels

      Selena, your husband is gonna be amazing! And I agree with your declaration, let it be so in Jesus’ name amen!

  • Shar

    Thank you Christine for your inspiring prayers.I am truly thankful for the words which will in time bring forth my husband.

  • Aretha Ford

    The excitement that rose in my spirit as I wrote the prayers????????????Thank you for this. My God ordained kingdom husband is in route.❤️

    • Christina Daniels

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad you found the teaching awesome. If you have any more questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out. Wishing you continued growth and blessings on your journey. Thank you for your kind feedback!

  • Janay

    Thank you for this uplifting article and guidance on praying for future husband. I loved this part “fasting gives God the opportunity to cleanse your heart and ensure you aren’t praying from impure motives.” I shall fast, pray, continue to heal my impurities and be patient as Gods timing is the perfect timing. ????????

    • Christina Daniels

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad to hear that you found the article uplifting and that you resonated with the idea of fasting as a means to cleanse your heart and pray with pure motives. It’s a beautiful way to approach your journey towards finding a future husband. Remember that patience and trust in God’s timing are key, and your faith and dedication will guide you on this path. May your prayers be answered in due time, and may your future be filled with love and happiness.✨

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