QUIZ: Am I prideful?

Want to know if you struggle with vanity, self-importance, arrogance, and pride? This quiz will help you decide if you truly are prideful.

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. If people don't take my advice, they'll regret it later.
2. I don't ask for help because it's embarrassing.
3. I'm afraid of what people think of me.
4. If there was something wrong with me, I would see it first and/or fix it.
5. I like to do or say things to ensure people think well of me.
6. I have a hard time being vulnerable and sharing my emotions.
7. I criticize or get jealous of someone that gets more attention.
8. I deserve good things because I work hard and/or pray often.
9. I tend to get annoyed or critical of the flaws in others.
10. I believe people are in pain because they did something wrong.
11. I have a hard time apologizing or admitting wrong doings.
12. I am afraid people will take advantage of my weakness.
13. I barely learn new things from other people.
14. If someone disagrees with me I get upset or frustrated.
15. I have trouble trusting or listening to my leaders.
16. I bring up everything someone has done wrong, when I'm accused.
17. I wouldn't take advice about money from someone poor.
18. I shouldn't have to do certain tasks. I've earned the right not to.
19. I inform people about my accomplishments, connection with important figures, etc.
20. I often date people or have friends that always need my help.
21. I feel like I'm always doing something wrong.
22. If I don't fix a situation who will? I need to make it better.
23. I would never make the same mistakes as some people I see.
24. They are too sensitive or negative if I hurt their feelings.
25. I make the right decisions and preparations, so things will turn out well.
26. I have a hard time complimenting other people.
27. I pretend I'm doing great, when I'm falling apart inside.
28. I put people in categories and rank them by level of success/importance.
29. If I disagree with someone, I assume their opinion is wrong because they're overly emotional or flawed.
30. I have trouble letting God help fix my relationships or difficult situations.

All 1 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Am I prideful?

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  • Carolyn Johnston

    I really want help in overcoming my pride. My parents were alcoholics growing up and I wonder if codependency is part of this. It feels so strong in me and I need prayer to get free.

    • Christina Daniels

      Hello Carolyn! A major part of pride is insecurity. And yes, being raised in an environment that doesn’t nurture your fragile childhood esteem can be very traumatizing. I think you would benefit from a free empowerment session… Are you interested? xoXo

    • Annalisa Blacker

      Praying for you in Jesus name, Carolyn. Yes, I’m struggling with pride as well. Praise God that He let us see our disgusting sin that is NOT allowed in Heaven. Pride is what got Satan kicked out of Heaven, so God DEFINITELY will not let the prideful in. Remember, that we can do NOTHING without Jesus, so just make sure to tell Him that you need salvation that comes from Him alone. Confess with your mouth! (Romans 10:9-10 KJV). Say it to Him even if you’ve said it before! What would it hurt to ask again? (Only pride would stop you) Sometimes pride can make us think that just because we believe, that we are saved. That’s called easy believism. True repentance is HUMBLE repentance. It’s not just a proclamation. It is a new way of life GLORY TO GOD!! Turning from that wicked pride and reaching out to JESUS for help with that. No one else can save you from pride, sin and God’s wrath except the powerful blood of Jesus. I pray that God will lead and guide you and help you with this spirit of pride JUST like He has been helping me. It is not overnight, but when you put on the armor spoken about in Ephesians…that is what I have found to be EXTREMELY helpful. I told Jesus that I had enough of my ugly pride and needed help. Now He is putting me in situations to test that pride and SLOWLY (because of my pride lol!) He is taking that pride out of me. I still need help. It’s a daily choice, but praise God, it keeps us close to Him when we chose to work on these things!!! God bless and protect you, Carolyn. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!!

      • Christina Daniels

        Hello Annalisa, thanks for sharing. Pride sure is a tricky little thing. I am glad you are healing and being directed by God. Bless you my beautiful friend. xoxo

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