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74 Relationship Journal Prompts for Long Lasting Love

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It can be hard to take time to explore yourself and your relationship while trying to please your partner. But, you are deep and filled with undiscovered emotions, thoughts, and desires. It is essential to take your time to explore because it will reveal opportunities for growth and gratefulness.

Relationship journal prompts help you to slow down and look beyond the surface. It is a therapeutic activity that improves mindfulness. Learning to be present in your current situation can help you become actively aware of your thoughts, so you can act on them better.

Ideas for Relationship Journaling

  1. Find a quiet place to journal alone such as your room, coffee shop, etc.
  2. Explore the relationship question separately and then come together to share a summary.
  3. Engaging in an intimate act such as body massaging can help to bring a more vulnerable mood to the conversations.
  4. Discuss journal prompts for intimacy and prompts for fun while out to dinner.

Journal Prompts for Romantic Relationships

  1. What is the purpose of a relationship?
  2. Should relationships make us feel complete and emotionally healthy?
  3. What happens if you still feel lonely, insecure, and afraid of being abandoned in a relationship?
  4. Is it your partners job to make you feel safe in a relationship?
  5. What happens when people try to help each other too much in a relationship?
  6. What type of people make up the best relationships?
  7. How can one make themself a better partner?
  8. Can someone that doesn’t grow make a good partner?
  9. How can two growth oriented people make a healthy relationship?
  10. How does mindset and mental health affect relationships?

Journal Prompts for Relationship Goals

You can both start out by listing out your desires for the relationship. Then you can both share your responses with each other. It’s important that you both respect each other’s thoughts and refrain from being upset or disrespectful. 

  1. List the things that are going well in your relationship.
    • How can you celebrate those things more?
  2. What does your partner do that you find incredibly attractive?
  3. What do you wish the relationship had more of? (Example: kisses, love notes, etc.)
  4. Describe your ideal fantasy of you and your partner interacting/communicating.
    • Do you want to hold hands and call each other pet names during hard conversations?
  5. Describe the ideal way you think that conflict should be handled.
  6. What is one thing you wish your partner knew?
  7. What is your biggest fear, weakness, and worry?
    • How can you partner help build you up?
  8. How do you think your partner wants you to love them?
  9. Did you once fantasize about all the ways you wanted to love on your partner?
    • Why did you stop? What’s stopping you from starting?
  10. What is the ideal way you would like to treat your spouse during conflict?
    • What steps can you make to do this?
    • Do you wait for them to act a certain way before you treat them well?
  11. Why do you fall short in your ideals for the relationship? 
    • Are your ideals for yourself realistic?

After working through both of your unrealistic expectations, It’s time to work together and come up with goals that you both can work towards in your relationship.

Journal Prompts for Intimacy in Relationship

To invite intimacy into your relationship, considering planning a sexy date night and answering these questions together. Remember, the more vulnerable you both are is the more you will both experience love.

  1. What do you consider intimacy? Sex or emotional connection?
  2. When do you feel the most emotionally connected to me?
  3. Describe a moment you felt the most sexually connected to me.
  4. What drew you to me at the beginning?
  5. What are the things I do that make you feel loved?
  6. Describe a moment you felt the most intimate with me.
  7. What is your love language?
  8. What do you like the most about my body?
  9. What do you like the best about my personality?
  10. How can I make you feel more understood and seen?
  11. What is your idea of a romantic activity?
  12. How do you think the fire in our relationship can continue to burn bright?
  13. Do you feel close to me when we laugh and have fun?
  14. Describe a moment you had the most fun with me.
  15. Do you feel supported by me? In what ways? (emotionally, career, etc.)
  16. What do you enjoy doing for me?
  17. How do you express your love to me?
  18. How can I show you appreciation?
  19. Do you feel emotionally safe with me?
  20. What would convince you that you’re the only one for me?

Fun Journal Prompts for Couples

These prompts will help couples to discuss fun topics and plan for more joyous activities.

  1. Is fun a priority for you?
  2. Do you feel that we make fun important in or relationship?
  3. Describe your funnest moments with me.
  4. How well do you know me?
    1. Name a few things that you notice about me.
    2. What is something I do that you find funny?
  5. Would it be fun to recreate old dates or photos?
  6. What do you find fun to do together as a couple?
  7. Do you enjoy playing games or watching movies together?
  8. Should we plan an adventurous trip together?
  9. What are some things on your bucket list?
  10. What items on our bucket lists can we start to plan?
  11. Would it be fun if we learned something new together? What do you suggest? Fishing, sushi making, knitting, skiing, reading a new book, etc.
  12. Do you have enough time to have fun with your friends and family?
  13. What do you enjoy doing with other for fun?
  14. Do you feel recharged and ready to be with me when you have fun with others?

Personal Growth While in a Relationship

We often enter into relationships and assume that we know our partners, our friends, and ourselves very well. But we eventually realize that everyone has their own unique way of thinking, behaving, and communicating.

These prompts will help you both explore your inner world to promote positive communication and mutual understanding in every relationship in your life.

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Self Discovery Quizzes

  1. Quiz: Do you have toxic tendencies?
  2. QUIZ: Are You Carrying Emotional Baggage?
  3. QUIZ: Am I prideful?
  4. QUIZ: Do you feel Misunderstood or Unheard?
  5. QUIZ: Am I codependent?
  6. QUIZ: Are you stuck in a victim mentality?

Journal Prompts for Identifying Blindspots

  1. How does viewing the world from your partner’s eyes help you?
  2. Do you believe that you may have unhealed emotions that you don’t notice?
  3. What happens if you’re behaving in a harmful way that you don’t notice?
  4. Do you trust your partner to point out things about you?
  5. Are you resistant to believing your partner’s perspective?
  6. Do you have people in your life that you can trust to tell you the truth?
  7. Do trusted people help you to see areas you can grow in?
  8. Do you have unhealthy emotional needs that you place on other?

Journal Prompts for Unhealed Trauma

  1. Did you have painful relationships growing up?
  2. What was your relationship like with your parents/guardians?
  3. Do you know how to receive love?
  4. Is it easier to give than receive?
  5. How easy is it for you to let others into your life?
  6. Do you always feel like you’re doing something wrong?
  7. Is there a friend or ex you need to forgive?
  8. Is it hard to take a compliment and believe someone loves you?
  9. Do you have expectations for relationship?
  10. Are you struggling with feeling like you’re being constantly attacked?
  11. Do you struggle with control, manipulation, and other unhealthy coping mechanisms?

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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