QUIZ: What is your coping style?

Are you active or avoidant in your style of coping? This coping inventory test will help you evaluate how you deal with your pain.

What do you do when something upsetting happens?

1. I vent to someone or do something positive to deal with the pain.
2. I distract myself, blame myself, or down play the problem.

Which activity do you gravitate to when you're in a bad mood?

1. Excess food, drugs, sleep, working.
2. I vent to a friend and try to find a solution.
3. I exercise, relax, and spiritually heal through different methods.
4. I focus only on the things I did wrong and try to fix it.

What do you feel when you're anxious?

1. I busy myself to avoid being alone or with my own mind.
2. I acknowledge the problem and seek ways to fix it.

How do you think about problems?

1. I try to make jokes or think about the positives.
2. I don't think about them at all.
3. I try to find a solution.
4. I hyper focus on everything I did wrong.

In a hurtful situation, how do you deal with the pain?

1. I have a hard time forgiving myself or others.
2. I acknowledge my pain and fault and try to fix things!

What coping habits do you use?

1. I get angry and lash out.
2. I find ways to think positive.
3. I focus on what other people did wrong.
4. I use the wisdom gained to avoid the same problem in the future.

What is your coping style?

1. AVOIDANT - I don't deal with the problem fully.
2. ACTIVE - I find ways to address and handle the problem!

Who is responsible when something bad happens?

1. It's usually the other party that caused the issue.
2. If I handled the situation better others would have too.
3. I explore what I could of done better and what they could do better.

Do you need people to feel better?

1. Yes, I need to be around someone to feel better.
2. No, I'm comfortable being alone with my own thoughts.

Are you comfortable by yourself when you're in pain?

1. I am comfortable thinking through painful memories and finding solutions by myself.
2. I often try to distract myself from thinking or feeling.

All 10 questions completed!

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QUIZ: What is your coping style?

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