Quiz: Do you have toxic tendencies?

Struggling in your relationships? Wondering where you keep going wrong? This quiz will help you pinpoint some key areas for growth.

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. I avoid things that are painful.
2. I say really mean things or get physical when I'm angry.
3. I get upset when people disagree with me OR if they say "no".
4. People that can't handle my personality are too sensitive and emotional.
5. It feels like people are attacking or hurting me on purpose.
6. I stop talking to people without discussing my concerns.
7. It is hard for me to see the good in others that have hurt me.
8. I feel like I am always doing something wrong.
9. I struggle with shame if I feel I did something wrong.
10. I care more about the feelings of others.
11. When I'm stressed I tend to worry a lot.
12. It's hard for me to forgive myself and others.
13. It's hard for me to care about other people's feelings when I'm upset.
14. I tend to ignore it when people hurt me, a lot.
15. I have obsessive habits or thoughts.
16. I find it hard to apologize.
17. I tend to talk to everyone but the person about the problem.
18. I often think people have hidden motives for doing things.
19. I have no patience when people do things that annoy me.
20. I don't stay in friendships or relationships long.
21. I don't trust anyone or I trust too easily.
22. I don't like much about myself.
23. I tend to be relationship with people that have a lot of toxic traits and/or problems.
24. I use manipulation to get what I want.
25. My emotions confuse me. They're so intense.
26. I don't get mad often but when I do... It's pretty bad.
27. I can be very petty or passive-aggressive sometimes.
28. I feel like no one understands or notices me.
29. I need to be around people OR Isolate from people.
30. I am scared of people leaving or being abandoned.
31. I feel jealous often.
32. It seems that the people in my life have more toxicity than me.
33. I want people to make me feel special and loved.
34. I feel very lonely. I can feel lonely with people too.
35. I tend to see people OR myself as selfish or insensitive.

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Quiz: Do you have toxic tendencies?

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  • Mara

    I have a lot of horrible relationships, especially to other people I don’t know online. I get blamed all the time for everything. I have a lot of shit going on in me every day like I’m going through madness. I feel the need to post on Reddit to get relief and approval. Some of the time, I would, but only for a little while. Other times, people would say that I’m the problem, how dramatic or stupid I am, etc. It’s like one little jeer and I fall into a hole insanity. The same jeers go through my head from every morning I wake up, every night I go to bed, and even in the dreams I have. I have a rough time standing up for myself without either feeling guilty or foolish, someone roasting me back with something even clever, or running away to sob. I hide my guilt with my anger a bunch of times in my life. I hate the thought of giving in to my insulters, blamers, and accusers because it would end being my loss for their gain. I learned that while dealing with a troll, it made me look worse while everyone actually sympathized with him and took it all out on me.

    I feel painfully shamed even if I’m being applauded. It’s like whenever I feel proud of myself, I end up feeling guilty soon after because I feel like I’m showing narcissism. Yes, I have a lot of problems, especially personal ones. But am I the problem like everyone says? Are they right about me? Am I truly the problem?

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