QUIZ: Are you stuck in a victim mentality?

Victim mentality can cause us to attack other people before they attack us. Or, remain closed off. Are you struggling with this?

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. I tend to get triggered by others often.
2. People will hurt me, so I need to leave first, protect myself, and/or hurt people first.
3. The perspectives of others are too painful to acknowledge.
4. I don't have the strength to fight or keep going.
5. I am angry at the people that have hurt me.
6. I try to stop myself from being too excited about something.
7. I feel my life has been harder for me than most.
8. Small issues can cause me a lot of stress.
9. I still complain or feel anger about something from my past.
10. I have a lot of painful memories.
11. I believe I'm cursed or have bad luck.
12. I feel attacked if someone gives me their opinion.
13. I believe that someone who hurt my feelings did it on purpose.
14. People are selfish at heart and will hurt you at the right opportunity.
15. I feel my life is doomed and won't get better.
16. I get mad when people tell me I shouldn't be bitter or angry.
17. The same issues and my fears keep replaying in my life.
18. I feel that every job, relationships, and friendship will take a turn for the worst.
19. I have little reason to be happy.
20. Why bother? I know it'll end badly.
21. I wish I could achieve my dreams.
22. I need other people to make me feel powerful or encouraged.
23. I stay in bad situations because I don't believe there is better.
24. I don't trust anyone with my heart.
25. I feel everyone is doing better than me.
26. I struggle with guilt, shame, and painful memories.

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QUIZ: Are you stuck in a victim mentality?

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