QUIZ: Do you feel Misunderstood or Unheard?

Do you feel that others don't quite get you? Do you have to work hard to get your point to be heard? Maybe you stopped caring?

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Please be honest, the results are private.

1. I feel like lashing out or yelling to get my point across.
2. Other people don't understand my side of the story.
3. It feels like no one understands or cares about me.
4. It feels like people focus on how they feel most often.
5. My opinions don't change how others do things.
6. If I'm upset people tend to call me overly sensitive.
7. People always have a reason they hurt me and they expect me to forgive them.
8. I'm surrounded by people that won't apologize or accept fault.
9. People make my worries and feelings seem silly.
10. People tell me to get over stuff and I should be stronger.
11. I need to be tough so I avoid thinking or crying about it.
12. I wish I could be less emotional about situations.
13. People often misunderstand my jokes or what I mean.
14. I prefer not to speak because I don't want people to be offended.
15. I feel extremely different from others.
16. I don't feel respected and loved for who I am.
17. I have to fight for my opinion to be understood.
18. Why do I care about people's feelings? Yet, they don't care about mine?
19. What's the point of sharing my thoughts? Nothing changes.
20. I wish someone would understand my thoughts and emotions.

All 1 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Do you feel Misunderstood or Unheard?

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