Positive Love Affirmations to Attract & Find Your Soul Mate
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88 Affirmations to Attract Unconditional Love

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These powerful love affirmations are to encourage and inspire you, that you can attract your soulmate. Too often, we settle for unhealed individuals that refuse to grow. Or, we jump from relationship to relationship without healing ourselves. When you heal, it will help you to pick partners who have a soul just as beautiful and quirky as yours. Truth is, if you don’t know you, don’t love you, and don’t understand you… You’ll attract others that have the same problem!

Usually, people that don’t know themselves are not taking the time to see if they are dating someone that is a good match. You can’t give your partner the best parts of you to love when you have self hate and hide pieces of yourself.

It happened to me. My last boyfriend and I were in a codependent relationship where we thought we needed each other. I would do and say whatever it took to please him. I literally became him, because I didn’t know who I was. However, when I started to heal we realized that we were not compatible at all. It destroyed the relationship.

Ready to attract the man of your dreams? Well then, It’s time you start loving and learning yourself, so you can attract love into your life.

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Affirmations for Soulmate

Soulmates are individuals that get you, because they see themselves within you. And vice versa. But, that doesn’t mean a soulmate relationships don’t come with hard work. Start healing and preparing to be a healthy partner for your soulmate with these affirmations.

1. I am the missing puzzle piece in my true love’s life.

2. I am one of a kind and irreplaceable for the right one.

3. I have a magnetic energy that is irresistible to my soul mate.

4. I am exactly the type of woman that my soulmate has been waiting for.

5. I don’t have to compete with anyone for my soul mate’s attention.

6. I will not settle for love that is fake and doesn’t make me a better person.

7. I can trust the man of my dreams and I don’t have to worry about being abandoned.

8. I will not entertain men from my past that are not my soul mate.

9. I am not afraid of love. I will embrace the idea that someone perfectly compliments my weaknesses and strengths.

10. I will become the best version of myself, so I’ll attract a soulmate that is the best version of themselves.

11. I am practicing healthy communication with my friends and family to prepare for my soulmate.

12. I will feel peaceful and at home with my future spouse.

13. I make the life of my soulmate better and He will make mine better too.

14. I will be slow and careful before labeling others as my soulmate.

15. I will pray and wait for God to confirm if my love interest is my soulmate.

16. I acknowledge that a soulmate is someone that will take me closer to God and not closer to pain.

17. I will delight myself in the Lord while I wait for him to give me the man I desire.

18. I will experience love that changes the way that I view life and people.

19. I will not lose hope that there is someone that perfectly compliments me.

20. I am my soulmate’s dream GIRL. He loves my beauty, strengths, and personality. No one can replace me.

21. I will save my affections and love for my soul mate.

22. I will be attracted to my soulmate’s inner and external beauty.

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Affirmations for Attracting Love

Stop attracting broken partners and start attracting healed and whole men. Use these positive affirmations about attracting love to inspire yourself and prepare for the true love when it shows up at your door, at the coffee shop, at your job, in your church, or somewhere random!

1. I will attract the type of man, that I prepare for.

2. I exude beauty when I’m being myself.

3. I believe that real love exists.

4. The right man for me won’t be able to resist my energy.

5. I don’t have to change my personality for the right one.

6. I attract men that are healing and on their growth & self love journey.

7. I am attractive and amazing enough to attract the man of my dreams.

8. I don’t have to fight to keep the right person in my life.

9. I can be my total self with the love of my life.

10. I don’t have to settle for insecure partners that refuse to heal.

11. I will attract a partner that loves my strengths and is patient with my weaknesses.

12. I am worthy of unconditional love.

13. I will be a reflection of what I want to attract.

14. I am loving, so I will attract a loving man.

15. I am truthful, so I will attract a truthful man.

16. I am connected to God, so I will attract a man connected to God.

17. I will attract stable love that doesn’t shift quickly based on a mood.

18. I do not need anyone to fill me up emotionally because I’m full of love and hope.

19. I am not a burden and my kids are a bonus for the right one.

20. I will meet someone that loves my kids as their own.

21. I will not settle for less than a powerful love that touches my soul and wakes up my spirit.

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Affirmations for Finding Love

Finding love is easier when you trust God to provide and you start preparing your life for the right person. Use the affirmations about finding love to help motivate you to prepare and BELIEVE your true love is out there.

1. I am a priceless gem that deserves to be treated with care.

2. I will spend time in prayer and allow God to show me the intentions of my date’s heart.

3. I will trust my gut when I meet people that are not for me.

4. I will walk away from partners that refuse to grow.

5. I will become the type of woman that I want in a man.

6. I will keep my heart in a safe. I will only give the key to God’s best.

7. I am memorable and I don’t have to do anything outside of my character to get someone to notice me.

8. I will pray for my marriage and future family before it manifests.

9. I am excited to find love and I will pray for God’s guidance while dating.

10. I will not focus on the painful memories, but I will hope for a love filled future.

11. I’m looking for the cherry on top in love, because I already made my cake.

12. I will not drop everything and rush into love.

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Affirmations for Single Women

All my single ladies! Don’t pay the past men that broke your heart any attention! They had their turns and now they gonna learn another brothers gonna notice you! It’s your time to build your empire, slay your goals, and prepare yourself for your soulmate. Don’t let anyone in your life that destroys every brick you lay. Use these positive affirmations for single women to remind yourself that love is coming and you don’t ever have to settle!

1. I am a confident and independent woman looking for a man to compliment me, not complete me.

2. I am allowed to be selective about the people I allow in my life.

3. I have everything I need without a man.

4. I will make the most of my life before a relationship.

5. I am surrounded by family and friends that love and care for me.

6. I attract amazing people into my life that respect and love me.

7. I love my voice, my smile, my laugh, the way I walk, and my personality.

8. I will not date someone who will destroy what I’m building.

9. I will not date someone that will disrupt my peace.

10. I am filled with love and peace.

11. I am bold enough to go after my dreams.

12. I will start working towards my dream life, even though I’m single.

13. I will surround myself with likeminded people that are committed to excellence.

14. I will not fall into love, I will step carefully into it.

15. I am worthy of great love, so I won’t settle for unhealthy men.

16. I have a full life with hobbies and friends.

17. I desire a partner that has goals, dreams, and ambition.

18. I will not date anyone that thinks love is spending all our time together.

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Affirmations for Love and Healing

Old emotional baggage needs to be thrown away because you can ruin a new relationship with old behaviors and ways of thinking. Use these positive affirmations for love and healing to retrain your brain and break cycles of codependence, victimhood, rejection, abandonment, and unforgiveness.

1. I am not afraid of rejection and don’t have to be afraid of my soulmate leaving me.

2. I will not be clingy and react negatively if my partner doesn’t give me all their time.

3. I am not a victim that is destined to be abused and mistreated.

4. I am healing and will be a whole and complete person.

5. I will release the anger and bitterness from my past partners.

6. I am healthy and healed.

7. I am emotionally stable and will control my anger and words.

8. I can trust myself to not mess up my relationship.

9. I will allow God to direct and heal me.

10. I will take full responsibility for my actions in relationships.

11. I will forgive and let go of the pain from my past.

12. I am radiating with love because I have released the pain.

13. I will not mistake codependency for love.

14. I will not make excuses for men that don’t want to change.

15. I will heal trust issues and I will not sabotage my relationship with suspicion.

16. I refuse to be selfish and only think about my needs in the relationship.

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