QUIZ: Why are you attracting the wrong men?

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QUIZ: Why are you attracting the wrong men?

There is a reason why you are keeping men that cause chaos in your life. Take this quiz to figure out a few of the reasons!

When your partners are jealous they usually...

1. Call me names & tell me that I'm ugly or dumb.
2. Accuse me of flirting with another man.
3. Are being too sensitive or I made them jealous on purpose.
4. Tell me that I don't care about them or that I treat other people better.

Your boyfriend forgot your birthday; You...

1. Forgive him, he probably had a hard week.
2. You blame yourself for stressing him out.
3. Give him the silent treatment or stop doing special things for him.
4. You assume he is cheating!

You just met a guy, you gave him your number & he calls you the next day...

1. Let the conversation flow for as long as it can and talk about anything that comes up.
2. Talk to him even if you need to do chores/errands or if you don't have time to talk!
3. Play hard to get! Maybe you'll call him back tomorrow!
4. Worry about saying the wrong thing!

Your partner has too many female friends!!

1. You give him attitude or call your male friends when he talks to other women.
2. You let him talk to his friends while you are together.
3. You hate him having female friends but you ignore it, to keep the peace.
4. You worry that he will leave or cheat with one of his friends.

Your partner is jealous that you were laughing with his friend; You..

1. You apologize and try to stay away from his friends.
2. You totally missed all the signs that he was jealous!
3. This wouldn't happen; I'm too shy to talk to his friends.
4. Get annoyed or be a little more friendly to keep him on his toes!

What type of men do you like?

1. Men that make me feel like I'm a prize or like to please me.
2. I usually like men that are interested in me first.
3. Men that are ambitious; Great career & clothing style!
4. Men that love my attention and like it when I do special things for him.

You just met an attractive guy. Your first thoughts are...

1. He wouldn't be interested in me!
2. He looks sharp from his head to his toes!
3. He has to work hard for my attention.
4. I don't want to do anything that makes him think I'm not interested.

All 7 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Why are you attracting the wrong men?

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2 thoughts on “QUIZ: Why are you attracting the wrong men?

    1. Doris, that is so good to know! I pray your dating experience keeps getting better and better!

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