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He’s In The Waiting

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God is in the waiting. I’ve learned this after years of experience with emotions. The roller coaster of emotions only takes me to downward spirals but waiting on Him brings me life and peace. He’s in the waiting for everything. He’s in the waiting for every promise that He’s made to us. 

Sometimes waiting doesn’t look like a race. It could look like thorns being uprooted from a garden, a garden that has taken years for single flowers to grow. Sometimes amidst the flowers are thorns of pain. Pain that can make us want to run and hide. But if we face the thorns, then the pain can work for us and not against us. In the kingdom of God, pain never goes without purpose.

In the waiting, the weeds are uprooted, thorns are trimmed, and death is stripped away. 

Daughter, keep waiting on Him. He’s with you. He has not forgotten you. He will never leave you or forsake you. 

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Poem About Waiting On God

Even when it hurts 
Even when everything inside of me wants to scream
Even when the pain within me roils beneath 
Even when I can’t see past my circumstance 
Even when pain pierces my heart like one thousand knives 
Even when no one understands 
Even when no one hears
Never stop trusting 
Never stop seeking 
Never stop believing
Never stop persevering 
He is with you. 
God always. 
Jesus forever.

My name is Soraya Kimberly! I am a young adult Christian cancer survivor. Diagnosed when I was originally 18, I had a bone marrow transplant a few years later and I'm in the clear! Standing firm on the truth that God has healed me, I realize that He has given me a purpose and a calling to spread my story through His love. Born and raised in Florida but a New Yorker at heart. Jesus saved me when I was 11 years old. And ever since I've been on a journey to experience His love, grace, and peace. Loving my profession as a Registered Nurse!


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