+56 Positive Bible Affirmations for Powerful Women!

Positive Bible Affirmations for Women!
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+56 Positive Bible Affirmations for Powerful Women!

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The Bible instructs us to renew our mind by the washing of the word. This scripture is telling us that when we believe what God believes, it makes our mind clean and positive. It is VERY important that we speak to ourselves the way God speaks.

It’s important that we train ourselves to think the way God does. Use these positive biblical affirmations to believe your identity, have faith, trust God, and move in spiritual boldness.

Daily biblical affirmations can help you to have stronger faith, positive thoughts, and feel closer to God. Ultimately, God wants you to be prepared to take on the challenges of the day, grow in self-love, and push past daily obstacles to accomplish His will.

How do I make Positive Bible Affirmations?

The process to making biblical affirmations is writing the Bible verses into a statement. If the Bible says, “Do not fear.” Then you would write, I will not fear. I will trust in the lord.

If the Bible says that we can have wisdom if we ask God. You can write, “I will thank God for his wisdom.” Or, “I am wise because of the gifts of God.”

For instance, you can take this long bible verse:

VERSE: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:6-7

1. I will not be anxious about anything.
2. I will submit my thoughts to God.
3. I will let God know what I need.
4. God will bless me with peace.
5. I have access to the protection of God.
6. God will protect my mind from the enemy.
7. God will ensure my heart stays pure.
8. I will honor Jesus Christ’s work on the cross.
9. My prayers are powerful.
10. God hears my prayers and delivers me from my worries.
11. God will not break his promise of peace.

Basically, I took the verse and broke it down and wrote what each thing is. It’s wise to do this for yourself as well. It will help you to understand the scripture deeper and it reassures as you make them — That God’s word is POWERFUL, active, and sharp enough to DEFEAT every lie, doubt, and double-minded thought that is in your mind.

God doesn’t lie when he makes promises in the Bible – that’s the key to remember. God loves you very much my beautiful friend.

46 Positive Biblical Affirmations:

  1. I am pure.

2. I am free from the chains of guilt, shame and condemnation.

3. I repent and change my ways to honor God.

4. I am a woman after God’s heart.

5. I hear the voice of God.

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6. I have mustard seed faith.

7. I surround myself with wisdom.

8. I am more in love with God than the world.

9. I don’t have to settle for fear.

10. I have access to the peace of God.

11. I don’t have to settle for doubt.

12. I have access to the God’s gift of faith.

13. I am a world changer.

14. I am flawless.

15. I have a purpose.

16. Nothing can separate me from the love of God.

17. I don’t have to be perfect to feel God’s love.

18. I have received forgiveness for my sins.

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19. God will protect me from harm.

20. God has given me everything I need to avoid temptation.

21. I am getting stronger as God disciplines me.

22. I forgive, love, and show patience to others.

23. I do not keep a record of the things people do wrong.

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24. I love myself well.

25. I won’t try to be God in the lives of others.

26. I choose to have faith in God.

27. God is in love with me.

28. I am worthy of God’s blessings.

29. I am more than what other people think.

30. I use my free-will wisely.

31. I am humble and listen to wisdom.

33. I delight in honesty and the truth of God.

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34. I am not better than anyone.

35. I love people that are difficult (from a distance sometimes.)

36. I understand that God forgives the worst sinners.

37. God’s strength keeps me from being a sinner.

38. I will not look down on anyone.

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39. I am humbled because God could allow me to experience the same struggles, pains, and obstacles as others.

40. I am blessed.

41. I am close to God.

42. God is always with me because he lives inside me.

43. I don’t have to rush my process.

44. God wants me to know that he loves me more than he wants me to be perfect.

45. I have a piece of God’s personality because I was created in his image.

46. I am beautiful.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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