43 Affirmations for Self Love & Journal Prompts

Self love affirmations for personal use and journal prompts.
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43 Affirmations for Self Love & Journal Prompts

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Positive affirmations for self love are important to rewire your mind to think positively. There are 10 powerful statements to help you to have new perspectives and attitudes towards life. The truth is, we often cause our own low self-esteem by continuing in old harmful patterns.

The meaning of self love is the amount of attention, love, care, and consideration you give to yourself. Do you love yourself? If you don’t know you can take this self-love quiz or these other personality quiz questions for deeper self awareness and growth.

Powerful daily affirmations for self love and journal prompts to practice

Will you choose to start fresh? Will you replace your negative self-talk with positive self-love affirmations to heal and grow in self-confidence?

43 Self-love Affirmations:

#1 I am amazing!

#2 I am not selfish. Self love is not selfish.

#3 I will consider myself before saying yes to things!

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#4 I will not exhaust myself for others and leave no energy for myself!

#5 I can do things to make myself happy! Self love is the best love.

#6 I deserve to take time for myself so I can be healthy and happy! Love yourself before loving others.

#7 I need to love myself! Because, I am the only one I can control!

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#8 I have a voice.

#9 I deserve to have people in my life that love and respect me!

#10 I am allowed to make mistakes.

#11 I will attract fun people into my life.

#12 I am blessed and expect good things to happen.

#13 I am fearless.

#14 I am comfortable being different.

#15 I have supportive people in my circle of friends.

#16 I am making progress everyday.

#17 I am a valuable part of my circle of friends.

#18 I am irreplaceable.

#19 I am a winner.

#20 I am lovable.

#21 I am a magnet for the blessings of God.

#22 I am sexy.

#23 I love the way I ___________ (insert here.)

#24 People can’t help but notice the way I ______________ (insert here.)

#25 I am good at my job.

#26 I am a good friend and I don’t have to prove it.

#27 I will attract healed people into my life.

#28 I am chosen by God for great things.

#29 I am worthy of respect and kindness.

#30 I have the power to remove mean people from my life.

#31 I am worthy of having people that apologize in my life.

#32 My opinion are worthy of respect.

#33 My opinions and thoughts are worthy of respect.

#34 I will have more fun.

#35 I will not give to others when I’m falling apart.

#36 I will heal before I try to heal others.

#37 I will seek free empowerment coaching when I’m down!

#38 I can conquer anything.

#39 I will be victorious.

#40 I am good at my job.

#41 I am loved by the people in my life.

#42 People think about me when I’m not there.

#43 I bring a smile to people’s faces.

10 Self Love Journal Prompts

Usually, we aren’t even aware of our harmful behaviors and thoughts. Are you? Take out your journal and sit in quiet or with relaxing music. Let these questions guide you into enlightenment and healing. Write down all your feelings and thoughts as you read the questions! The truth is, the more self-awareness you have is the more you can put a stop to self-hate.

#1 List ten things you like about yourself.

#2 Why is self love important for your life?

#3 Do you often say yes before considering if your tired or have things to do?

#4 Do you save some of your energy for yourself?

#5 Do you save some of your energy for yourself?

#6 Do you treat others better than yourself?

#7 Do you get mad when others don’t love you in the way you want?

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#8 Do you respect your opinions even when others don’t agree? Take this quiz to determine if you feel heard.

#9 Do the people in your life like to grow? Or, do they keep making the same hurtful mistakes?

#10 Do you forgive yourself when you make mistakes?


Do self love affirmations work?

Yes! Affirmations for self love and healing work by changing the way that you think about yourself. Instead of nit-picking at everything you consider “wrong” about yourself, you will start to focus on all the positives with these daily reminders. Eventually, it will become more natural.

How can I practice self love?

Everyday, make it a point to practice self-love by recognizing the good aspects about yourself. Don’t wait for someone to compliment you, unabashedly look in the mirror and point out what you like.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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