Self-esteem Quiz: Do You Love Yourself?

You are a beautiful and powerful woman that was created to do great things. Take this quiz to see if you are loving yourself to the degree that YOU DESERVE!

Click the responses that reflect your feelings. Your results are not recorded so be as honest as you'd like!

1. I like my face, smile, and body.
2. I like to spend time with myself.
3. I don't worry much about what people think of me.
4. I wear what I want. I don't worry about being too much or different.
5. I'm happy being single or in a relationship.
6. I celebrate my successes.
7. I know my purpose. I make the world a better place.
8. I can take advice and constructive criticism.
9. I work at getting better at my weaknesses.
10. I am comfortable sharing my thoughts with others.
11. The people in my life care deeply about me.
12. I don't change who I am to please others.
13. I don't compare myself to others.
14. I can accept when I do something wrong.
15. I don't blame others for the things I do wrong.
16. I realized that I'm not perfect and that's okay!
17. I recognize when people are treating me badly and I make changes to the relationship.
18. I pursue my goals.
19. I spend time doing things I like & I treat myself to the things I like.
20. I am able to forgive others.
21. I take my time to make sure I'm dating healthy men.
22. I have a lot to offer others.

All 1 questions completed!

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Self-esteem Quiz: Do You Love Yourself?

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