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59+ Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety

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Whether you experience occasional or consistent anxiety, it can be a major disturbance in your life. Causing you to feel weak in situations that you would otherwise feel strong.

Just today, I woke up with an unsettling anxiety. The cause? Nothing, that I’m fully aware of. To unpack the anxiety and the root cause wouldn’t be a quick task. Also, trying to understand what caused the anxiety while feeling anxious can cause further symptoms.

But I’ve learned to some extent, how to deal with those anxious feelings. Here are 59+ powerful daily positive affirmations for anxiety which have helped me to navigate social anxiety, relationship anxiety, depression, insomnia, teaching anxiety, and random anxiety. 

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How to Spiritually Deal with Anxiety

1. Stop judging yourself.

I learned that anxious feelings are normal. Everyone will feel anxious at multiple times in their life! To be a human without experiencing real emotions would mean you are not healthy. While, anxiety levels, frequency, and triggers vary… It all leads back to internal pain or a health issue. Normalizing your feelings makes it easier to tackle them without judging yourself.

Consider that your anxiety might be unhealed emotions but it could be a nutritional deficiency, lack of rest, or an allergic reaction. Coffee makes me very anxious. So be sure to seek medical advice if your anxiety is taking over your life and ability to function. And, don’t be afraid to use a prescribed chill pill occasionally. It’s not a permanent fix but it may give you the strength to seek a fix for your unique situation.

Calming Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I am not the only woman that struggles with anxiety.
  • I will not judge myself for my feelings.
  • I am not afraid to feel anxiety.
  • I will not blame myself for causing feelings of anxiety.
  • I will drop my shoulders, relax my jaws, and stop tightening up my body.
  • I will allow my body to just be.
  • I am allowed to feel anxiety because it’s normal.
  • I am not afraid of anxiety because it’s normal.

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2. Strong women get anxious too.

Sometimes, our anxiety stems from pushing past our emotions to get something done. You are most likely reading this because you are a fighter. You’re always fighting to see the best in the world, people, and every situation. However, are you fighting for yourself?

Strong women tend to listen and support everyone else but themselves. Women like you, tend to feel selfish or unproductive when you stop to show yourself some love. But our emotions are sensitive and fragile, they don’t like to be ignored.  Our emotions will throw a tantrum if we don’t give it the affection that a newborn baby requires and deserves.

So, learn to listen to your emotions in everyday situations. Could your anxiety be a result of bulldozing through life and your emotions? What’s the rush? Don’t push past the red-flags and signals if it feels un-peaceful and uncomfortable inside. If your gut says it’s time for a break… Take it! Ladies, don’t FORCE yourself to do everything and anything.

Short checklists are helpful. Be easy on yourself, don’t get carried away now. Congratulate yourself on small victories. Sometimes, writing a checklist or taking a bath is worth celebrating. So do so, and feel the high of checking that off your list!

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I am a strong woman.
  • I will take care of myself.
  • I will not give more of myself to others than I can handle.
  • I will listen to my body and I won’t push pass my limits.
  • I will say no to anything that makes me feel anxious.
  • I will give myself time to relax and unwind.
  • I will celebrate the small things that I do.
  • I will not be harsh when I don’t complete very long task lists.
  • I will be kind to myself.

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3. Too much noise!

When I’m feeling emotional, I turn down the noise. This helps me to not further agitate my emotions. Adding more noise, gives more potential for a new situation to further my anxiety.

  • Turn off the television or limit the type of television. The news and shows with destruction, darkness, and depression does impact you. We are emotional beings made to be compassionate and empathetic. I would dream about the bad things in a movie such as cheating, because it stressed me out that badly! While I’m healing, I tend to watch kids movies with positive, funny, and uplifting messages.
  • Limit social interaction. The key is not to isolate… But, take a short time to reset your emotions. Know who to call for what problem. Don’t head into gatherings that will further stress you out. When you exit your social break, practice boundaries and limit how much time you give to people that drain your energy.
  • Limit activities that give you anxiety. You may be saying, “Work and my family responsibilities are my main stressors. I can’t quit that.” That is very true. This is where YOU have to be creative. On my anxious days, as a teacher, I tend to give more independent work to the students. Or, I may be more lenient when a student does something wrong. I choose my battles in life way more carefully. In these moments, trying to mold life into your perfect vision will further stress you out.
  • Stop rushing. Always running late? Lost track of time? That all adds up. Do what can be done the night before. Set alarms and schedule meetings. Set alarm for your make-up and bathe time. Set alarm 10 minutes before your need to get ready, 10 minutes before you leave. Give yourself reminders so you aren’t in a swirl of chaos daily.
  • Meditate, pray, and have faith. Stop thinking, and fill your mind with God’s promises. As a Christian, I meditate and pray while all the while remembering that God will give me His peace. I listen to bible meditations that promise peace on YouTube, practice mindfulness in the secret place, and/or worship music. I use the following whichever feels right for me that day. You’re not a robot so be sensitive to what you need in the moment.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I will not watch or read a lot of things that bring me stress.
  • I will give myself time to rest.
  • God wants to give me peace.
  • God wants to remove all my fears and worries.
  • I am filled with peace and love.
  • I will surround myself with people that bring me happiness and joy.
  • I will speak kindly to myself and fill my mind with positive self-talk.

4. You are not a bottle!

You can’t keep it all bottle up my beautiful friend. You need to release all that pent up anxiety. I’m aware that you may have different options for release, but you should consider:

  • Support systems – This includes friends, family, therapist, mentor, church leaders, etc. You need a listening ear. But not just any listening ear, that can cause MORE anxiety. Take your time finding the right people that you trust to give you honest and compassionate feedback. People that want you to suck it up and move on, are not in the emotional space to emphasize with you or support healthy mental health!It is assuring when someone else understands your pain. As a teacher, I like to talk to other teachers about teacher stuff but in doses to ensure it doesn’t turn to complaining or blame-shifting! They understand my pain and have journeyed through the same struggles so they aren’t trying to fix or correct me… It was healing. I realized In those moments that I often downplay tough situations which leads me to judge myself and say — Why are you so wound up over something that isn’t a big deal?Who are your safe people? If you don’t have safe people, it may be more beneficial to journal. Talking to the wrong people could make the problem worse.
  • Make a schedule, checklist, or write down the idea. All those unorganized thoughts floating around in your mind way on you. It causes you to feel like you have an endless stream of tasks. Even if it really is endless, writing it down gives you a solution rather than your nerves wondering whats being forgotten or being left incomplete. When I release my need to do tasks on paper, it gives me focus, and I feel more accomplished. I become a solider that is able to bang out battle requests, but I still have to be careful to pick my battles wisely and be aware of my emotional red-flags!
  • Journaling. Journaling gives me the ability to release my thoughts. I also write questions I don’t have the answers to. Or, I may write letters to people that have hurt me. After journaling, I have often realized that I had way more on my mind than I realized. I journaled about a heart break in my article, How I removed memories of him breaking my heart and Pain & Trauma: Does God care about me?

Calming Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I am peaceful and have a clear mind.
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  • I am have positive thoughts.
  • My life is organized and I’m not constantly wondering when things are happening.
  • I live my life in peace and I’m not always rushing.
  • I will share my emotions with friends that care about me.
  • I will hire a therapist or a life coach (if needed) to help me heal my emotions.
  • I will sit and reflect on the things that have stressed me out.
  • I will make changes and remove things in my life that stress me out.
  • I will organize my life and allow structure to bring me peace.

5.  Ride that wave!

Yes, you are a surfer my friend. Your emotions will go up and down. Just when you thought you got something under control, another wave will come and knock you over. Be okay with that. If it keeps you up at night, be okay with that. Don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out, while on the wave and after your reach a lull. Don’t fight the wave, learn to ride it.

It may look different for you, but if I’m anxious and can’t sleep… I submit to it. I stay up and watch a funny kids movie, or I start working on a project. I try not to feed the anxiety by giving it control. I try to turn the narrative — Well, I’m up so I’ll use it for the best. That usually helps me to focus on something else which eases meI’m actually writing this article while anxious. And, I know it will be a pure representation to you and it’s therapeutic to remind myself of what I’m telling you!

If I’m not able to do anything but lay there and listen to stilling music or scriptures, I’m okay with that too. I’m okay with feeling. I’m okay with not being okay. It makes a difference. Like me, YOU deserve to acknowledge that this world can be hard and you need a moment to catch your breathe. You need a moment to allow yourself to feel. After all, you aren’t a robot? Right?

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Peaceful Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • I will not always feel this anxiety.
  • I will not fight to feel good in this moment, I will allow my body to go through the healing it needs.
  • I will not get frustrated that I can’t sleep.
  • I am full of peace and the anxiety will eventually go.
  • I  will decide to do something proactive while I feel this anxiety.
  • I am not the only one that struggles with this feeling.
  • I will be better and feel better soon.
  • I will continue to seek help to keep my positivity high.

6. Schedule breathing room.

Strong woman, are you so busy building your vision that you forgot to have fun? I bet you did. I’m going to prescribe you breathing room. Now, that’s going to look different for you. So don’t further your anxiety by focusing on why it isn’t going to work.

YOU have to get creative. YOU will need to let go of some control and
your need for things to go according to goals and plans. YOU will need to separate your work and life.

My emotions are different in different seasons. As a teacher, I spoke earlier about how I change assignments and lower my need to control in these moments. But, I didn’t mention that I also find creative ways to balance in fun. If I’m getting anxious about teaching my students, them being behavioral, etc. I actually plan an activity that gives them full freedom to be themselves. Those activities are completion or I have the students invent their own grading measures.

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Yes, I plan an activity where I’m not expected to control, and be the main leader. My students LOVE these days. It’s good for their mental health too! They teach the lessons, create quizzes, create their own projects, etc. And, guess what? My mental health loves those days too.

Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety:

  • God wants me to be happy and peaceful.
  • I will not try to control everything in life.
  • I will allow myself not to be perfect.
  • I will give others room to be peaceful and calm.
  • I am not controlling and I won’t be mad if things don’t go my way.
  • God is filling me with peace right now.
  • I will not try to make everything perfect.
  • I am not upset when things are imperfect or fail.
  • I will give my self time to heal.
  • I am okay being by myself and allow God to heal me.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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