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75 Action Affirmations for Daily Emotional Release !

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Here are 75 daily action affirmations that will help you release emotions from your body. Whenever an emotions stays inside too long it becomes toxic and unhealthy. 

Emotional roadblocks can stop you from going after your DREAM life and relationships. But, that doesn’t have to happen if you spend the time releasing emotional scars and pains! Stop your emotions from building up over a long period of time and causing you to DO and FEEL uncontrollable things!

I designed these affirmations to help you practice self-care and release emotions that lead to depression, anxiety, fear, control, and unhappiness. Are you ready to clean out your heart? If yes, read these affirmations daily to make space for love, joy, and excitement for beautiful things in life.

I recommend using these powerful affirmations daily in the morning and before bed.

Emotional Release Guided Meditation:

75 Positive Self-Care Affirmations:

1. I will not call myself names when I think of a painful emotion.

2. I will write down my feelings for emotional release.

3. I will acknowledge how amazing I am, when I have embarrassing memories.

4. I will only share my feelings with people that are committed to understand me.

5. I will actively seek out a safe place to process the pain I’m feeling.

6. I will start believing that I will get over this emotional hurdle.

7. I will not rush myself to complete things that do not have a realistic time limit.

8. I will take care of myself and stop taking care of everyone from an empty place.

9. Today, I will find something positive to do to make the world better.

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10. I will compliment something I like about myself today.

11. I choose to release fear. I will not entertain hopeless thoughts.

12. Today, I will meditate on Scripture that helps me to focus on the goodness of God.

13. If I’m feeling anxious at this moment, I won’t be mad at myself.

14. I will give myself time for negative emotions to flow out of me.

15. I will not rush myself to feel better. I will be patient.

16. Today, I choose not to respond or allow people back into my life that have hurt me.

17. I will withhold unfair judgement and criticisms of my old self, because I have grown so much.

18. I will allow myself to daydream about exciting things, even if I feel it’s silly.

19. I will not stress myself out about what I THINK people are thinking.

20. It is not my responsibility to read the minds of others. I will let it go and let them tell me if something was wrong.

21. I will not let anxiety stop me from being my true self.

22. I am most likely overthinking things and I will stop expecting the worst.

23. God will work it out for the good, so I will start believing that things will get better.

24. Every step I take is turning things around for the better.

25. I realized that I’m almost at the finish line when things start to get harder.

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26. I will celebrate my little wins, because they might not be much for others but they took a lot of strength for me to complete.

27. I will not constantly question my motive for stuff and I will give myself the benefit of the doubt.

28. I will spend time by myself outside or in a quiet area.

29. Today, I will learn more emotional healing techniques.

30. I will not try to rush my process for healing.

31. I will slow down and love myself during my journey to total awakening.

32. I don’t have to reply to text messages or return phone calls right away.

33. I will let the people in my life know when I need room for self reflection and rejuvenation.

34. I will not let anyone feel that they are entitled to my time.

35. I will not put my emotional health at the bottom of my to-do list.

36. I will not push past my emotional limits and give what I don’t have.

37. I will not spend all my time thinking about emotional healing.

38. Today, I will spend my time doing things that give me joy.

39. I choose to believe that I am important to the people around me.

40. I will pick an interesting book or movie that will help uplift my mood.

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41. I will invest in a therapist or empowerment coach.

42. I will surround myself with people that are positive and bring me joy.

43. I will pray and ask God for help to feel more joyful.

44. I’m allowed to have fun back to back. If I’m having a good time, I might do it again!

45. I will not be afraid or worried that the joy will leave.

46. I will do more of the activities that just brought me joy, daily.

47. I am not an emotional burden on the people I love.

48. I will not do anything to control how the story ends. I will trust God to make it beautiful.

49. I will overcome every obstacle and hard situation in my life.

50. I will believe that God will turn all things around for God, even the hopeless situations.

51. I will pray like God hears me and wants to move on my behalf.

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52. I believe that God wants to make everything okay.

53. I know that cleaning up emotional messes can seem impossible because God has to reveal all of the dirt so we know what to remove.

54. I will release my gifting to the world because someone needs it.

55. I will let God use me to bless someone today.

56. I will explain myself so people can understand me more.

57. I will not keep people close to me that bring me negative emotions and confusion.

58. I can trust my heart to guide me into doing what is right and will bring me joy.

59. I will try new things that are good for my healing journey.

60. I will open up myself to experience the healing power of Jesus Christ.

61. I will keep going, even though it may hurt.

62. I have talents and wisdom that others need!

63. I am almost to the prize. I will not give up.

64. I am a fighter and I will not lose my life and dreams to negative emotions!

65. I won’t waste my time worrying about the thoughts of people that are projecting their own failure, brokenness, and insecurities on me.

66. Today, I will release the emotion and memory of people thinking negative things about me. Either I’m overthinking how they feel. Or, if I’m right… Then, they wouldn’t think negative of me if they got to see how amazing I am.

67. I will take the time to accept and reflect on compliments because people mean it when they take note of my awesomeness.

68. I won’t make any important decisions today if I’m not in a positive frame of mind.

69. This negative emotional cloud will pass. I did nothing to cause it. I just have to be patient, keeping going, and wait for the sun to come out!

70. I will accept that I did the best that I could in the situation that is bothering me.

71. I will create distance with people that hurt me, but I will accept that they weren’t capable of loving me well so I will release the pain.

72. I am worthy of being loved and waiting for healed people to come into my life.

73. I will stop blaming myself for being the reason that they hurt me.

74. I accepted that I’m worthy of love and respect, even if I’m not perfect.

75. I will soak in God’s peace today and not other peoples’ pain and anxiety.

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!


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