Deep Transformational Coaching: Free 20 min Consultation

My name is Lorna A. Grant and I’m a licensed transformational life coach and author of No More Masks. I’ve done the hard-work of healing after being sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by my father and romantic partners.

If you’ve experienced such abuse you understand how hard it is to fight to be free from your toxic past. 

For YEARS, I struggled with promiscuity, anger, fear, bitterness, pain, rejection, jealousy, etc. I want to HELP YOU break free from those emotions!

I want to offer you a 20 minute consultation for free.

In the consultation, you will have the opportunity to get a taste of my coaching style and I’ll be able to hear more about you. At the end, we will both know if it’s the perfect fit.

My DREAM clients are men or women that:
– Want a coach that has done it and seen it all!
– Are tired of living a painful life.
– Have experienced painful situations they want to recover from!
– Interested in trying Christian methods for healing.
– Are ready to start feeling joy and happiness again!