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Find Your Inner Power After A Toxic Relationship!

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Toxic relationships are made up of two people that don’t know who they are, what their inner power is, and how much the world needs them! Unfortunately, both individuals usually gravitate towards each other because they have a mutual level of insecurity, pain, and healing to do.

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However, a relationship where two people are insecure and not growing…. Is the BIGGEST distraction ever. Why? Because, this relationship isn’t helping each person UNLOCK and tap into their inner superpower!

The sad part is… You both can’t fully see your OWN superpower. But, you CAN see each other’s power. You were attracted to them because of their inner power. And, they couldn’t RESIST you because of your inner power.

You may actually MISS their inner power in your life and that may be a major reason why it is so hard to get over that toxic ex. OR, you may miss that high you get from using your superpower.

Do you love yourself?

You can’t fully see or access your inner power if you don’t love yourself and don’t have inner peace. Pain and bad relationships can keep you from using your power to change the world; if you are distracted by chaos!

My main inner power is empathy and charisma. I would date men that were in pain… And, I would invite them into my childlike world. I view the world with strong optimism and I’m always pushing to see the best in everything, even when it hurts. Because the men were in pain, they LOVED entering into my bubble and escaping from the world.

In addition, I would be so in tune with their emotions and strived to give them everything that made the pain go away.

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There isn’t anything completely wrong with this, but I gave too much of my energy to the wrong people and situations. And, they became very selfish and demanded that I meet all their needs and help them not feel the pain. Eventually, I became empty because I’m not God and can’t fix them. When I was empty, they either left or didn’t treat me as well because they weren’t getting what they wanted.

Unlock Your Inner Power

After breaking up, I started to heal. I realized that they were attracted to me for many reasons including my inner power. And, I realized that if I could learn how to use my power… No one could abuse it. And, I could use it when I wanted and with whom I wanted. (Ex. I don’t have to feel everyone’s emotions and make everyone feel better… Which leaves me drained.)

In fact, when I was with my ex… I dreamt I was on a bed with him and my Bible was closed and outside of the house was chaos and lots of problems. I didn’t care because I was wrapped up with him. This dream symbolized that he was a DISTRACTION and he was stopping me from being here with YOU right now.

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Tapping into my power allowed me to create Adorned Heart to inspire people like YOU and help you heal from toxicity in the world. I’m so happy to be here with you. But, I want you to consider… Who are you suppose to be helping? And, who could you be inspiring to live a better life?

What is my Inner Power?

Are you wondering, “What is my superpower?” Lucky YOU!! You can take this QUIZ: What is your Inner Power? This quiz was designed to help you identify your main gifting that you can use to inspire others. But, you may possess other qualities as well!

5 Main Inner Powers

1. Empathy: you are incredibly selfless and attuned to the feelings of others.
2. Charisma: you are a leader, inspiring, motivational, and you pull people into your fantasy world.
3. Strength: you are forgiving, stable, strong, and ready to do what it takes to ensure your loved ones are well and feel peace.
4. Nurturer: you are loving, kind, flexible, easy-going, understanding, a nurturer and loves to serve others around you.
5. Wisdom: you are logical, a problem solver, a protector, and you help everyone avoid harm & enjoy peace.

When you take the inner power quiz it will give you a detailed explanation of your power and how it affects your relationships!

Develop Your Inner Power

I want to help you develop your inner power further. If you truly learn how unique God created you… You could really fall in love with yourself. And, you could really make this world a better place.

Remember, my inner power is seeing the beauty in people like you… And helping you to remove emotional clutter that stops you from having the best relationships and living your best life. Try 20 minutes of free empowerment coaching and start your process !

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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