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3 Personal Goals for a Woman In 2023

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Happiness seems to evade a lot of people. And while there’s a ton we could say about how to achieve new feats and hit remarkable 2023 goals for this year, only focusing on external success will merely numb the pain… for a little!

“Feelings buried alive never die.”

It will always catch up with you and therefore there’s no greater investment you can make than by getting to the root of things—i.e. looking inward and tending to your mental & emotional health needs.

As I once heard someone say, “Everywhere you go, there you are!” and “What’s the point of public fruit but personal wreckage?” In other words, nothing changes until YOU do. And if you look back on your 2022 and aren’t satisfied with how it turned out, it might be time to make a change.

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3 Steps To Accomplish Your Goals for This Year:

Here are 3 Simple Tips you can apply this holiday season to realign with what matters most and set intention for an incredible Year 2023.

#1: Take a Social Media/Technology Break

As a society, we have become increasingly addicted to our mobile devices. Studies show that Americans check their phones an average of 80 times a day and spend about 4-6 hours on them daily—half of which is spent scrolling through social media sites. We’re not even talking about how much time Americans spend watching TV/Streaming hours of their lives away. (Thanks Disney Plus!)

Among other things, this is resulting in so many of us wasting valuable time distracted, isolated, and/or depressed.

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But what would happen if we cleared our mental/visual airwaves? Personally, each time I’ve taken a social media break, I immediately feel more in tune with myself and those I love. (Of course, that’s after I’ve had major withdrawals and after the powerful urges to log-on have subsided!)

This holiday season, challenge yourself to spend a few days off of social media. And depending on how feasible it is for you, choose at least one of those days to be completely off of your phone. 

Notice the thoughts that come to mind. Are they positive or overwhelmingly negative? DO something about it! (Whether it be seeing a therapist, making some life changes, or adding more things to your life that make you happy.)

And speaking of what makes you happy…

#2: Take Time to Spell Out What Matters to You

If neither time nor money were an issue, what would you do with your time? Who would you spend it with?

What I’m getting at is that the answer to those questions are probably what would make you the happiest. Ask yourself, what are the most important things to you that if it’s all you ever did, you would still feel like you lived a good one?

If you have no idea, I recommend making intentional space to reflect/ponder those big questions. Once you DO know though, solidify them by writing it down!

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One of the most common regrets people have expressed when dying is that they didn’t live a life that was true to themselves. But how can you live true to you if you don’t even know what makes you tic and what makes your heart come alive?

The day I stopped to spell out my top values in life was the day my vision became clearer. Why? Because when I defined what success meant to me, it gave me a roadmap for how to align my days toward investing in what matters most.

2024 is around the corner, which is the perfect chance for you to start over. Do the things TODAY that your future self would thank you for—starting with identifying then documenting your personal success measures. No one can do that for you.

“The Harvard Study of Adult Development”

#3: Re-prioritize P-E-O-P-L-E

This might be a strange tip for how to make 2023 your best year yet but hear me out. Surrounding yourself with good people is arguably one of the most important determiners of how good a life you will live! How can I be so sure? The proof is in the pudding.

There is an ongoing study* by Harvard that started 75+ years ago tracking the lives of 700+ young men. The then teenagers ranged from the most privileged to the most disadvantaged of Boston’s youth. The goal? To observe how their lives panned out via yearly, in-person questionnaires that measured their health, happiness, and various other metrics over the course of their lives.

(Click HERE to watch a popular TedTalk that discusses the findings of this study in more details.)

The biggest conclusion of the study was that the happiness, longevity, and quality of life the participants experienced wasn’t determined by how much money they had or their starting places in life. It was directly related to the quality of people/relationships they maintained through life.

Good relationships keep us happier & healthier—period.” –Robert Waldinger | 4th Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development

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In other words, you can significantly increase your chances of having an incredible 2023 by how much you improve the quality of your closest relationships.

I once heard it said that on earth, we often step on people to get ahead—cherishing things like gold and silver. But in heaven, people are its greatest currency. Gold is what the streets are made of.

Regardless of your religious persuasion (or lack thereof), the bottom line is that we will always move to a higher conciseness when we realize that people matter more than any trophy, status, or goal we can achieve.

This holiday season, take time to cherish those around you, build relationships with those worth building them with, and cut out those who habitually bring you down despite your best efforts.

While the topic of ‘happiness’ seems to be an ethereal utopic pursuit, it’s actually not that complicated if you get down to it.

There’s an organization by the name Blue Zones that studies the worlds happiest and longest living societies. They’ve got a ton of interesting resources and quizzes you can take to assess where you fall on the map. Check it out and never skimp on investing in yourself.

After all, you are your greatest asset.

8 Personal 2023 Goals to Set For Yourself:

You can make your own yearly goals or use these goal ideas to help you brainstorm your own unique list.

  1. Expect 2023 to be your BEST year yet
  2. Practice Self-Care and Self-Love
  3. Invest in self-discovery and personal growth
  4. Seek professional mentorship
  5. Deepen your connection with loved ones
  6. Strengthen your relationships
  7. Have fun in the way you experience fun

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