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6 Ways God Protects Us From Harm + Scriptures

God will protect and guide us into victory, as He did for King David. He will not let plagues, people, and destruction come near us. The bible promises this.

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75 Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points + Bible Verses!

There are 12 secrets to spiritual warfare that I’ve learned in my journey with God. Use these tips to be powerful in the spirit!

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5 Reasons You Can’t Be a Good Person Without Jesus!

I had a dream warning me about having sex with a unfaithful man. That was the Holy Spirit warning me of my potential to sin.

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7 Biblical Tips to Break Generational Curses!

Prayer to break curses works when you go after the strong man. Disobeying God’s law teaches us “unhealthy” coping mechanism and behaviors.

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Who I Am In Christ: 6 Powerful Truths from God!

The correct way of seeing my identity in christ is admiring God and His gradual work in me, while knowing who I am in Christ!

Bible Study dreams faith Hearing God's Voice

4 Biblical Secrets To Discern God’s Voice

God hears our prayers and he speaks to us through the Bible, dreams, a still small voice, and everyday situations. God is always speaking but we aren’t always able…

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3 Tips to Practice Mindfulness Meditation in Christianity

Mindfulness is meant to improve well-being, physical health, and mental health through meditation and repetition.

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