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Powerful Guide to Fasting & Prayer for Breakthrough!

Fasting in christianity clears emotional clutter and helps you to hear God clearer. Getting closer to God is outlined when you review fasting in the bible and fasting scriptures.

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7 Day Prayer Challenge For Spiritual Growth !

Does God change his mind when you pray? This prayer challenge will help strengthen your faith that God is listening.

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4 Steps To Forgive Those That Offend You!

Jesus demonstrated forgiveness, how to love your enemy, & love your neighbor. These biblical steps will help you let go of bitterness, resentment, & anger.

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11 Promises God Won’t Break Listed in Scripture!

God does not break promises because God is not man that he should lie! There are 10 key scriptures that show God wants to provide for your every need!

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Follow Me As I Follow Christ: 12 Bible Tips to Imitate Jesus!

Do you love God? Jesus asked His disciple this same question. He wanted His disciple to know that loving and following God is not always easy.

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Is Masturbation A Sin According to the Bible?

I don’t believe the act of masturbation is a sin. I believe it is often what causes us to masturbate that can be the sin.

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How To Pray: 8 Biblical Tips for Beginners Learning!

Learning how to pray for beginners starts with a conversation between you and God. Just as you would talk to a friend, it is the same way you speak with God.

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5 Secrets for Powerful Prayers That Get Answered!

Want to know how to fast and pray for a breakthrough? We need to spend time getting to know God. As we get to know God through reading the word we learn what to pray for.

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Carnally Minded: 7 Biblical Tips to Purity!

Satan wants you to believe you are dirty, unclean, and sinful. Don’t believe the lie, Jesus died to make you pure.

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