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100 Breakup Journal Prompts for Healing

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Breakups can be incredibly difficult, and it’s not uncommon to feel emotionally stuck and confused about how to move on.

It’s normal for your emotions to fluctuate and go back and forth. In one moment, you may feel relieved that the relationship is over, while in another moment, you may experience sadness, hopelessness, frustration, confusion, or guilt. It’s important to remember that this emotional cycle is normal and a healthy part of the healing process.

Why Is Journaling helpful? 

Journal prompts can be helpful in processing and sorting out difficult emotions after a breakup. By exploring both positive and negative emotions, you can get to the root of deeper issues within yourself and the relationship that may have gone unnoticed. Furthermore, prompts can aid in rebuilding confidence, strength, joy, and hope, reminding you that you are worthy of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Breakup Journal Prompts 

Journaling can be a therapeutic way to heal after a breakup. By writing down your feelings and emotions, you can release unresolved emotions and regain your sense of self-worth. Additionally, journaling can help you break free from any attachments to your ex.

Learning and Reflection:

  • What were some positive things that you learned from the relationship, even though it ended?
  • Have you forgiven yourself and/or your ex for any mistakes made during the relationship?

Defining Future Relationships:

  • What are your non-negotiables in a future relationship?
  • Are there any patterns or behaviors that you recognize in yourself that may have contributed to the relationship ending?

Support and Growth:

  • How have your friends and family supported you through the breakup?
  • Have you taken any steps towards personal growth and self-improvement since the breakup?
  • In addition to friends and family, have you considered seeking support from support groups or online communities?
  • How have you managed to balance sharing your feelings with others while also maintaining your own emotional space?

Shift in Priorities and Goals:

  • How have your priorities and goals changed since the end of the relationship?
  • Are there any unresolved feelings or emotions that you need to address before moving on?

Considering Professional Help:

  • Have you considered seeking therapy or counseling to help with the healing process?
  • What type of help are you looking forward to?
  • Would you prefer someone to listen or give you advice?
  • How can you take practical steps to get the help you need?

Envisioning the Future:

  • How do you envision your life and future without your ex in it?
  • What is the most exciting part about that vision?
  • What is the most saddening part about that vision?


Healing A Broken Heart Journal Prompts

Self-Perception and Reflection:

  • Do you think of yourself as a good partner? Why or why not?
  • What did you notice about yourself while in the relationship?
  • Were you able to be yourself in the relationship?

Understanding the Relationship’s End:

  • What do you think caused the relationship to end?
  • Do you hold any guilt or shame for the relationship ending?
  • What would you have done better?
  • If you and your partner had a mentor, would that have affected your relationship?
  • Were you and your ex compatible? Or were you trying to make something impossible work?

Emotional Processing and Support:

  • Do you have emotional support to help you through this breakup?
  • Are you frustrated that you’re not healing as fast as you’d like?
  • Why is it important to be patient with yourself?
  • What are some healthy ways you can release some of your breakup pain?
  • Do you feel stupid or guilty for entering the relationship?
  • What do you know now that you didn’t before?
  • Are you afraid of feeling alone?
  • Would you consider speaking with an empowerment coach to regain your strength?

Forgiveness and Letting Go:

  • Have you found it challenging to forgive yourself for any mistakes or decisions made during the relationship?
  • What strategies have you used to let go of negative feelings towards your ex?

    Journal Prompts for Closure

    Understanding the Relationship’s End:

    • What do you think caused the relationship to end?
    • Could your partner have improved as well?

    Exploring Mindsets and Expectations:

    Communication and Connection:

    • Did you have communication issues within your relationship?
    • Would it be healthy to get back together with your ex? Why or why not?

    Reflection on Post-Breakup Thoughts and Emotions:

    • Do you think about your ex often?
    • What thoughts come up with your ex? Explore them for unhealed emotions.
    • Do you enjoy fantasizing about your ex? Why?

    Healing and Self-Discovery:

    • Do you think healing from emotions that affected the relationship will help you heal?
    • What does starting fresh in the relationship department mean to you?
    • What steps are you taking to start fresh?
    • Did you or your partner struggle with insecurities? How did this affect you both?
    • If you both were to emotionally heal, how would that have changed things?

    Evaluation of Past Relationships:

    Letting Go and Moving Forward:

    • Is it hard to let go? Why or why not?
    • If you’re holding on tight to the relationship, what do you fear you’ll lose by letting go?
    • Are you scared no one will ever love you the same?

    Boundary Setting:

    • Have you established clear boundaries with your ex in order to facilitate your healing process?
    • How do you handle situations where your boundaries are tested or challenged?

    Decision-Making and Future Growth:

    • Should you make decisions based on your fear?


    Journal Prompts for Self-Love After a Breakup

    Self-Identity and Personal Growth:

    • How have you changed as a person since the relationship ended?
    • What are some strengths you’ve discovered in yourself during this process?

    Social Connections:

    • How has your social life changed since the breakup?
    • Have you made any new friends or reconnected with old ones during this time?

    Self-Care and Well-Being:

    • What activities or practices have you found helpful in taking care of yourself during this healing process?
    • Are there any new hobbies or interests you’ve pursued since the breakup?

    Future Goals and Aspirations:

    • What new goals have you set for yourself now that you’re moving forward from the relationship?
    • How do you plan to integrate your newfound self-awareness and growth into your future endeavors?


      Journal Prompts to Decide If You’re Ready to Date Again 

      Emotional Readiness and Self-Reflection:

      • Are you scared of love?
      • Did you lose a sense of joy, hope, and excitement due to prior relationships?
      • Do you feel worthy of being loved?
      • Would it be hard to open up and be vulnerable?

      Addressing Fears and Aspirations:

      • What are your greatest fears when it comes to relationships?
      • How do you want to show up or be viewed in your next relationship?
      • What do you look forward to the most in a relationship?
      • How can you actively prepare to be in a relationship?

      Recognizing Warning Signs and Seeking Support:

      • Are you equipped to see the red-flags in others?
      • Would it be helpful if you spoke with someone to explore your level of healing?

      Applying Lessons Learned:

      • What would you do if some of the same problems in your past relationship showed up again?

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