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22 Tips To Be Feminine In a Relationship

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Feminine qualities are displayed differently based on your personality. Yes, you can be feminine and love sports, only wear pants, and hate makeup. Essentially, being feminine in a relationship is about the posture of your heart and the openness within your soul.

Let’s first start by defining “femininity”. Femininity is not saying yes all the time, lowering yourself to make him shine, being treated like a doormat, nor is it taking care of all the household duties. 

Femininity in a relationship is the ability to be soft, open, and vulnerable. It’s the ability to release your fears and take a risk on another person. And it’s the ability to know how powerful and fierce you are, but remain humble and meek.

How can you be feminine in a relationship?

As you’re reading through these tips, take time to consider what feminine aspects you possess and how they attracted your man. Remember, He was attracted to YOU for a reason. And showing more of these qualities can spark your relationship flames once more.

1. Have a soft heart

Remain soft, tender, and fragile. You’ll know you’re loving him right when it feels uncomfortable and ultra vulnerable. That’s when you’ll know you’re giving him the fragility of your soul. Remember, love is a risk. Choose who you’d like to take that risk with carefully and wisely. Then love deeply and powerfully.

2. Laugh and smile often

Whenever you smile, giggle, and laugh it is super feminine. When done around your partner, It also communicates that you’re open, happy, and in love.

3. Lean on his shoulder

Most men like when you rest your head on them, but that’s not what I meant by this. I meant let him carry some of your emotional weight and daily responsibilities.

I know you’re tough, but he is your partner and he wants to make sure you feel safe, protected, and loved. Let him do that for you occasionally and you’ll be able to rest in his love during hard times.

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4. Be empathetic 

Seek to understand the depth of your man’s emotions and how he views the world. By understanding him, you’ll be able to understand why he thinks and behaves in certain ways. Also, you’ll be able to be kinder and softer to him, even when he is frustrating you.

5. No business in the bedroom

Your bedroom is for intimacy, vulnerability, and love. It isn’t for arguments. Have boundaries about when and where you should speak about important things. I’m not just talking about the bedroom either. For instance, don’t let your dinner table become a business conflict where you’re both working to solve a problem. 

Ultimately, allow there to be spaces where you can both look forward to good moments. This will allow him to feel safe and stable. Then you both can learn to live from a place of softness, knowing that you both prioritize love over fighting.

6. Fight for love not ego

Release the need to be right and prove yourself. Approach disagreements as a chance to understand how different you both are. If you can both master this, then disagreements can be viewed as a light hearted conversation for clarity.

Try this approach in the moments when your man frustrates you. Also, in those moments remind yourself why you chose him. What makes him perfect for you? Allow those beautiful emotions and memories to soften your frustration and anger.

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7. Get naked and stay naked

Your body is different from other women, but it is no less feminine. You have a unique physical design and you can’t change that. Similarly, underneath your personality is a feminine blueprint to your design. It is very different from my femininity, but it’s just as feminine by nature. And being healed, free, and vulnerable will allow it to shine.

Essentially, to be emotionally naked you must remain vulnerable and open. Don’t be afraid to uncover your quirks, insecurities, and other pieces of yourself that make you unique.

8. Groom yourself

How often do you treat yourself? Well, you should because it’s important to invest energy, time, and money into yourself. Then, you can put your best self forward in your relationship.

  • Clear out emotional baggage.
  • Do nice things for yourself.
  • Prioritize having fun and doing things that make you happy.
  • Take Time to put a neat outfit together.
  • Practice good hygiene and wearing deodorant matters.
  • Well brushed teeth, tongue, and regular breath mints as needed.
  • Neatly styling your hair in the way you like.
  • Clean your nails and moisturize your skin.
  • Throw away old and unraveled clothing + items.
  • Organize and clean your living space.
  • Visit the doctor and maintain nutritional health.
  • Exercise and get moving throughout the day.
  • Seek out 20 minutes of empowerment coaching with me!

9. Be Gentle and Patient 

Embodying femininity involves cultivating a nurturing environment for your partner by recognizing and responding to his sensitivity and vulnerability. 

  1. Communicate with Patience:
    • Choose your words thoughtfully, allowing for a calm and understanding tone.
    • Listen actively to your partner, demonstrating patience in hearing his thoughts and feelings.
    • Avoid interrupting and give him the space to express himself fully.
  2. Avoid Ultimatums:
    • Refrain from resorting to ultimatums, especially when addressing a situation for the first time.
    • Instead of making threatening statements like “I can’t stay if you do this,” express your concerns and feelings without imposing conditions.
  3. Considerate Problem-Solving:
    • Recognize your partner’s pace in addressing issues, and refrain from rushing him.
    • Instead of immediately offering solutions, inquire about his thoughts and feelings regarding the situation.
    • Allow him the time he needs to process and contribute to finding a resolution.
  4. Independence in Disagreements:
    • Resist the urge to tackle issues independently solely to avoid arguing with your partner.
    • Instead, view disagreements as opportunities for collaboration and mutual understanding.
    • Share your thoughts and concerns openly, fostering an environment where both perspectives are valued.

10. Romance your man

Romance should be given to make your partner feel special — Just because you love them. And romance doesn’t have to look like candles and a romantic dinner. For you and your man, romance might be cuddling while watching the football game.

Whatever your man likes, seek to give it to him. This will keep you open, vulnerable, and soft which communicates femininity. 

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11. Learn from other women

Every woman displays femininity differently. Explore qualities you like by taking notice of the feminine qualities of other women. And then you can work towards displaying the qualities that you choose.

For instance, I loved watching a friend interact with her man in public. I thought it was so soft and vulnerable. When he was doing something she didn’t like, she would rub his arm and just give him a subtle look. I thought this approach was amazing because it didn’t embarrass him and she communicated with such tenderness.

12. Listen to his heart

Listen to your man very carefully. Avoid assuming what he’s saying and thinking. Give him space to have his own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. If he feels safe, then he will feel freedom to live in his masculine energy around you. 

Unfortunately, many men also struggle with understanding how to be masculine in a relationship as well. This can happen when powerful women (moms + previous partners) don’t give their man room to be flawed and in progress.

Also, this can happen when women fight to be heard rather than listen. Fighting to be heard can result in unhealthy behaviors – control, yelling, manipulating, the silence treatment, etc. Therefore, heal the underlying issues, so you can hear what he’s communicating clearly. 

How to be Feminine In a Relationship

13. Communicate with softness

If you’re upset or frustrated, take some time to calm down. And when you do communicate about hard situations, please don’t rush to get everything solved in one sitting.

Talk about what you can handle at the moment. And Do not push yourself beyond your limit. If you sense that you can’t control your emotions, then it’s time to step away, seek couples counseling and/or individual therapy. 

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14. Don’t nag

Nagging is mom behavior, not feminine energy. You are allowed to tell your man kindly when he is doing something wrong. But try to speak kindly when you’re not in the heat of a disagreement.

You can even suggest he get therapy or both of you do counseling together. However, there is a difference between letting him know and nagging. Once you let him know, trust that God will send outside reminders and encouragements to help him grow. Avoid passive aggressive behavior and manipulation.

Sometimes, you just need to plant the seed. But it’s not your job to make him want to grow. Life has a way of bringing people through the same lessons until they’re ready to learn.

In some cases, it can be scary to trust him to make changes or do certain things. But remember, you choose him for a reason. Don’t assume his intentions are bad for not doing what you want, but ask questions and empathize. And remember, sometimes people shutdown when they feel stressed, defeated by life, controlled, and/or pushed by their partner. 

15. Let him be a man

Don’t treat your man in ways that disrespect him and hinder intimacy. This includes comparing him to another man, talking about the hot guy you saw, speaking down to him, disrespecting him, and taking on responsibilities of his mom.

For instance, if your man loses his job don’t automatically jump to do everything to help him find a job. This can cause him to not step up in future situations because he thinks you’ll do it. He may feel you’re controlling and shy away from asking you to leave it to him.

Lastly, it’s okay if you make more than him and you’re more of a hustler. However, don’t force him to match your standards of work. And definitely refrain from throwing your salary and position in his face.

16. Respect your partner

Your partner is your teammate, so don’t forget to be on his team. Assume the best of him and always ask how you can support him. Speak kindly about him to others. And never say anything degrading about him when you’re angry or want to aimlessly complain.

17. Stay in love

Fight to stay in love with your partner. Constantly remind yourself of why you first entered the relationship. Remember, vulnerability will cause you to stay emotionally naked with your partner. That’s sexy and feminine. 

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18. Release Control

Being feminine means being soft and open. So manipulation and controlling tendencies are not a good look. Let go of the need for things to go your way. Remember, you’re both a team. It’s okay to be imperfect and try spontaneous risks.

19. Be nurturing

Nurture the dreams in your man’s heart and encourage him. Women were created to give birth and nurture. Therefore, they tend to have more nurturing feminine qualities.

20. Embrace Your Sexuality

To be truly feminine in a relationship, you need to embrace your sexuality. As a woman, you are a beautiful and unique creation of God. It’s natural for your partner to appreciate your curves, breasts, and other physical features. But you must also remember that you are more than just your body.

In a healthy relationship, mutual respect and communication are essential. It’s important to prioritize your own desires and boundaries while exploring your sexuality in a way that feels empowering and fulfilling to you.

So, don’t be afraid to own your sexuality and be proud of who you are. Embrace your femininity and explore your sexuality in a way that feels right for you, while always putting your well-being and happiness at the forefront of your mind.

21. Forgive him

Having difficult conversations, relational tensions, and undesired emotions can cause us to display hardness and toughness. But, that’s not sexy Sis’. Let go of the argument from yesterday. Let go of the tension in your body from work. And let go of the need to protect yourself from being hurt.

22. Get help

While independence is an admirable trait, relying too heavily on it can lead to burnout and a lack of balance in one’s life. It’s important for feminine individuals to recognize the value of complementing traits and to ask for help when needed.

I would love to hear about your individual struggles in your relationship. Together, we can work on identifying what makes you uniquely feminine. Then, we can help you become confident in letting those qualities shine.

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Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!


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