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3 Tips to Break Toxic Generational Patterns NOW!

The generational cycles gained from our childhood environment taught us unhealthy strategies. Learn 3 strategies to break patterns, traumatic cycles, and curse.

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9 Causes Of Toxic Relationships!

Toxic relationships are caused when at least one partner has unmet needs, emotional regulation problems, unhealed trauma, victim mentality, etc.


Are Fathers Necessary? 10 Reasons for Their Importance In a Child’s Life!

Children that grow up with positive father figures have healthier relationships as adults.

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Are children our future? My Child Is My Canvas!

 An Image of Flawless Imperfection (For My Son) My child is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece. With every stroke of my paintbrush, I will teach him everything that I know. I will teach him about my successes so that he can exceed them. I will teach him about my failures so […]

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