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Are children our future? My Child Is My Canvas!

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 An Image of Flawless Imperfection (For My Son)

My child is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece.

With every stroke of my paintbrush, I will teach him everything that I know.

I will teach him about my successes so that he can exceed them.

I will teach him about my failures so that he can avoid them.

I will tell him about my doubts and fears so that they’ll be his strong points and victories.

As I draw his physical appearance, I make him handsome.

Not handsome so when young women his age see him they faint in disbelief of his perfect and flawless beauty.

The Muse For This Poem (Andralia’s Son)

But, instead handsome in the eyes of God so that when the creator sets his eyes on my son the creator smiles in my son’s obedience, strong faith, and restless effort in living a just life before him.

As I add the acrylic paint to the plain canvas I add several colors to continue my creation.

I add purple to his mind so that he can know his royal background and never doubt the power that he possesses within.

The power to withstand any criticism, hatred, or negativity that life might throw at him.

I add red to his heart so that he can possess a passion for mankind, the earth, and all of humanity.

I add yellow to his soul so that he can possess a spirit of joy and happiness so rich that everywhere he goes the color in his soul falls onto everyone he meets.

While I make his outer appearance humanlike, I create an animalistic inner appearance that resembles something like a lion so that he can possess the strength to break generational curses, defeat stereotypes, and break the chains that society has placed on him before he even has a chance to prove himself.

My son is my canvas and my opportunity to create a masterpiece

He may not turn out exactly how I want him to be, but I pray that he is someone who makes a positive difference in the world and keep some of the values that he is taught.

Andralia is a wife, school teacher, mother, and devout Christian. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's degree in Education. She is passionate about empowering women to practice self-love which leads to stronger relationships. She believes that children should be given love and respect. She also believes that with empowerment and encouragement, parents can raise children to make a positive difference in the world.

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