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23 Men Give Relationship Advice for Women!

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This is a poll of  23 men giving relationship advice to women, and they wish women would follow them. While compiling the tips, I noticed that men have almost the same complaints as women.

Men want a confident, emotionally mature, honest, and aware woman.

As I read the comments from the men, it made me think really hard… If men and women want the same thing… Why are we always missing the mark in relationships? I think the issue is too complex to fully explore but I have a theory I’d like to discuss.

For The Single Ladies:

Mr. Rights keep dating Ms. Wrongs and Ms. Rights keep dating Mr. Wrongs. It seems that both sexes might have difficulty navigating healthy relationships and end up “burnt-out” and “frustrated” with the dating process. My cure for this process is doing the internal healing necessary to find Mr. Right. I detailed core things you can work on to grow in this area in the Related Article: 4 Keys To Find Mr. Right.

Lastly, be hopeful that there are good men out there. I strongly believe that there is someone that is willing to put in the SAME amount of work as you in a relationship and inner healing. However, you won’t be able to identify him if you are not healed. So, please start the process to inner healing and select a man that is already on that journey as well!

For The Married Ladies:

Continue to grow no matter what. Inner healing is the best gift you can give yourself. It is also the sexiest thing to offer your man. Can you imagine how endearing it is for you to be joyful and full of gratitude for your man daily? Remember, relationships should get better with time if both people are willing to do the hard-work.

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23 Tips From Men, Relationship Advice to Women:

These men give women advice and we should listen. As a relationship blogger, I believe all this advice points out we have to become who we want to date. Relationship tips will also point out we attract broken men when we are broken. The best love tip I can give you is HEAL and break all your toxic relationship patterns.

1. “Say what you mean instead of having us guess what that may be.”

2.  “If he’s good to you, and you love him; don’t hold back.”

3.  “Not all men are the same. You are just been dating the same type of jerk.”

4.“Learn to forgive us men for the stupid stuff we do, unless its abuse or cheating. Then the advice is to tar and feather them and send them packing.”

5.  “Quit complaining and playing victim. Acknowledge that idea about sex, relationships, and commitment are very different worlds for men and women.”

6. “Show up no matter what mood you’re in and expect the same from your partner.”

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7. “Loyal faithful and don’t cheat but remember to pick the right guy that will respect you and will do the same!!!!!!!!!”

8. “If he is a lousy human being that is mean to you and the kids, beats you, steals from you, deadbeat, or loser then kick him out of your life regardless how sexy he is. You CAN do better, and you SHOULD!”

9. “When you are gonna be rude or nag, ask yourself is this going to help either of us? If not, choose to look over it.”

10. “Be direct, men aren’t good at guessing or hints, they also get tired of it quickly. Talk in really clear direct terms.”

11. “If you think your overthinking something you probably are.”

12. “Be a teammate. Men like someone who’s got their back.”

13. “Ask us out / take us on dates.”

14. “Don’t rush into commitment way too soon give the dude time… life is not a race👍”

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15.  “Don’t bombard me with 20 things on a to do list when I walk in the door from work. Let me collect myself first.”

16. “Don’t play victim.”

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17.  “Get to know your man, and appreciate it when he lets you in.”

18.  “Tell us what you actually want.. We’re not mind readers.”

19.  “Don’t say or expect “I love you” after two weeks of meeting.”

20. “OK to admit you’re wrong now and then. If you have a partner who is willing to admit he is wrong, if you can do the same it makes him feel a lot less nervous about showing his flaws. ;-)”

21.  “Be yourself, assume people are good but don’t take any crap. Don’t compromise.”

22.  “Stop trying to play mental and emotional “games” to check a man or whatever it is you think that does..all it is, is low-key bullying and is detrimental to any growth between us men and women (whether you’re in a relationship already, or on the dating scene) Also known as covert narcissism in some cases. Also to the women who think some dude wants to be with a gal who has her life handed to her on a silver platter from mommy and daddy, think again ladies.”

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23. “Dont harp over small stuff to cause a bigger fight. And for gods sake forget what happened 35 years ago and dont bring it up every day”

Christina Daniels is the founder of Adorned Heart. She is devoted to learning about human behavior and its affects on society. She received a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Policy. She hopes to use her life and academic experience to empower & heal the hearts of women!

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