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7 Tips to Pray for Victory Over Enemies!

We don’t battle with flesh and blood. Here are six steps to engage in spiritual warfare while praying for victory over your enemies.

Bible Study faith

Fasting and Prayer: How to Access The Power Of God!

There are unhealthy ways of fasting and there are healthy ways. The most powerful fasts helps you clear out your heart and mind and get closer to God.

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7 Day Prayer Challenge For Spiritual Growth + Bible Study for Women!

Does God change his mind when you pray? This prayer challenge will help strengthen your faith that God is listening.


Protection Bible Verses: 13+ Powerful Prayer Points!

Protect your faith and life from evil by leaning on God. Here are 13+ scriptures to remind you that God will protect you.

Bible Study faith

How To Pray: 8 Biblical Tips for Beginners!

Learning how to pray for beginners starts with a conversation between you and God. Just as you would talk to a friend, it is the same way you speak with God.

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