“Spark” (poetry)

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I am a speck in the universal skyscape

I take up no more space or matter than

A blip

On radars, on sound waves, on light traveling for years

Trying to reach some mass from which to bounce.


But there’s a space that surrounds me

Waiting to be moved by energy.

I look to the right-

the left-

for a map,


I look for a schematic on a sun-crisped parchment handed down

from ancestors,

to gently blow the dust off

and decode.


I’ve been waiting for a sound-off,

(perhaps permission)

to break the rules, for the sake of


for the sake of making the weight of injustices

scramble and scatter

to fit into pieces of a puzzle.


But there is only His Word.

There is only my vibration.

And though I can’t see how it would make a dent

In the light-years of galaxies or stars or


I know there is moonlight in the dark for a reason.

I know energy wasn’t made to die,

but transfer to other objects.

I know friction turns to spark

Turns to fire

Turns to contagion.

I have light to light my lamp in the night for a reason.

Here in my quiet assigned space,

Filled with lies about loneliness and struggle,

I must laugh and speak my speck into motion

Vibrate my empty space into tilling a path,

And remember that heat and movement spark contagion.

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