QUIZ: Do you blame shift and gaslight?

Do you struggle with deep shame and guilt? This could be a strong indicator that you use toxic coping mechanisms to alleviate pain.

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. I get so upset with people that I don't understand who did what.
2. It feels like people are attacking or hurting me on purpose.
3. I like to have the last word, so I throw little jabs.
4. I don't remember and/or deny saying hurtful comments after.
5. A simple disagreement can disrupt my entire day.
6. I rarely apologize for anything.
7. I like to have the power in arguments.
8. I have a hard time being kind when someone disagrees with me.
9. I see problems as someone is wrong and should take blame.
10. I feel strong emotions when I feel blamed for doing something wrong.
11. I have a hard time listening to the emotions and feelings of others that have wronged me.
12. Understanding how others feel is too painful for me.
13. I use manipulation, lies, and denial to avoid being blamed.
14. I often feel like a horrible person.
15. I tend to cause a lot of people pain.
16. It hurts too much to see myself from someone else's perspective.
17. I'm scared to be hurt and I will do what is necessary to protect myself.
18. I bring up unrelated details to show the negatives of others in an argument.
19. If people knew the real me they'd leave me.
20. I like to be in control of a problem.
21. People often say I'm misunderstanding their intentions and taking things negatively.
22. People tend to be very careful about what they say or do around me.

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QUIZ: Do you blame shift and gaslight?

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