Toxic Relationship Quiz

QUIZ: Are you in a toxic relation with someone?

Are you in a frustrating friendship or relationship? This quiz will help you understand if it's time to end the situation-ship! 

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. We argue about the same thing over and over.
2. I feel alone and sad without the other person.
3. I feel confused when trying to understand a disagreement.
4. They get mad when I have a different opinion than them.
5. It hurts. And I'm always in emotional or physical pain.
6. I'm the only one fixing myself and growing.
7. We argue often about little things.
8. I always end up taking the blame or responsibility for issues that arise.
9. Our communication often leads to me crying and feeling pain.
10. I am scared to share my thoughts and feelings.
11. Something doesn’t feel right. Trust Your Gut.
12. The person pretends OR refuses to change. They say that's the way they are.
13. They regularly ask me the same questions, that I already said no to.
14. I am usually taking care of their emotions and listening. Communication seems one sided.
15. When I share my experiences or frustrations they are very harsh or belittle me.
16. I don't have these issues with anyone else.
17. I feel smothered and like I can't have my own space.
18. They are always the victim and someone else is always doing them wrong.
19. They bring up unrelated information and events in disagreements.
20. They are often jealous of anyone that is close to me.
21. They are suspicious of me and constantly ask probing questions.
22. They say things to deliberately hurt me and make me shut up.
23. They call me names: dumb, bitch, stupid, trash, immature, etc.
24. They misunderstand what I say and see my words as negativity.
25. I am unhappy and they add nothing positive to my life.
26. I am so focused on the issues we have, that I can't have fun or pursue my dreams.
27. They get meet their needs by threatening to leave me OR cheat on me.
28. They feel a lot of guilt and shame about events in their life.
29. I don't know what is special or unique about myself.
30. They point out things that are wrong with me and hardly encourage me.
31. They are soft & vulnerable to get what they want, and get cold when they don't.

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QUIZ: Are you in a toxic relation with someone?

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