Highly Sensitive Person Test (HSP)

QUIZ: Are you a highly sensitive person?

Are you a HSP? The Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP), is someone whose nervous system is highly attuned to their environment. 

Click all the responses that matches how you think or feel. Be honest, the results are private!

1. I find that I am more sensitive to my environment than most other people I know.
2. When I buy clothing, the feel of the fabric impacts my purchase decision.
3. I race to cut off the tags because they irritate my skin or make me uncomfortable.
4. I am easily overwhelmed in a loud or chaotic environment.
5. I tend to overthink something someone said or did, or the way they said or did it.
6. Being around nature recharges my spirit and energy.
7. I've been told, "You're too sensitive."
8. I can read a room and the people in it quickly, because I'm perceptive of the emotions of others.
9. I like routine, organization, plans, and schedules. They protect me from sudden changes, disappointments, and setbacks.
10. Smells, visuals, and textures impact me more than others.
11. I require downtime to recharge from social interactions.
12. I am overwhelmed with the emotions of others.
13. I interpret the passion in people's voice as anger sometimes.
14. I crave peace and stability.
15. I feel like I'm personally immersed and experiencing when watching movies and listening to songs.
16. I dislike rushing and feeling pulled in multiple directions.
17. I get stressed when I don't have enough time to prepare.
18. I sometimes find myself questioning the intent behind what others say and do.
19. Too much of a stimulus can become irritating after a while.
20. I am highly attuned to the emotions and needs of others.
21. I appreciate calming or very simplistic forms of music, colors, and decorations.
22. I tend to be highly conscientious and prone to being deeply affected by criticism or negative feedback.

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QUIZ: Are you a highly sensitive person?

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