Quiz: Are you ready for marriage?

Too many people don't have the tools to have a successful marriage before saying "I Do!" Take this quiz to assess yourself and gain the skills to grow.

Click the responses that reflect your feelings. Your results are not recorded so be as honest as you'd like!

1. I am aware that my partner and I have issues that may come up later.
2. I do not demand what I want even when I really want something.
3. I'm ready to kindly serve my partner even on days where we argue.
4. I am not passive-aggressive. I communicate with kindness.
5. I can apologize when I do something wrong.
6. My partner and I successfully work on healthy communication.
7. I don't need someone else to help me realize I'm beautiful or to feel happy.
8. I love spending time by myself and won't fall apart without someone.
9. If I found a great partner, then disappointing sex and low finances wouldn't turn me off.
10. I watch and read marriage preparation books or videos.
11. I am confident in myself even when others judge, doubt, or blame me.
12. I have people in my life that challenge my opinions and I correct bad mindsets/behaviors.
13. I am committed to being vulnerable and loving even if someone has hurt me.
14. I know that unhealed trauma in relationships cause stagnation and bad patterns.
15. I take my time to get to know people's habits and flaws.
16. I realize that someone will stay unhealed till they want to change.
17. I am not codependent on anyone emotionally, physically, nor financially.
18. My relationships get better and doesn't stay on the same problem.
19. I can agree to disagree. I can compromise. It's okay for people to think and feel differently than me.
20. I focus on understanding the other person not being right and defending myself.
21. I'm aware that I can prepare, but marriage will still have difficulties.
22. My partner and I have mentors that have been married for a long time.
23. I can be patient while others try to understand how I feel.
24. I understand how hard forgiveness is when I feel someone doesn't deserve it.
25. I'm not responsible to make someone that is angry or sad, feel happy.
26. I could be patient with a spouse that is trying to stop annoying or unhealthy behavior.
27. I ensure my relationship is free from manipulation, control, blame-shifting, etc.
28. I have healthy boundaries and I date others who do too.
29. I have good coping strategies and I don't lash out or withhold love from others.
30. I do not constantly get annoyed by everything and find fault with other people.
31. I would only marry someone that is growth oriented, can apologize, and changes bad habits.
32. My relationships have open communication, questions are healthy, and tense conversations result in great understandings.
33. I have healthy friendships and family relationships.

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Quiz: Are you ready for marriage?

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