Are you an empath? Take this test to find out.

QUIZ: Am I an Empath?

Do you have the traits and characteristics of an empath? If so, I'll give you tips to balance your gifting.

Click the traits that describe you. Your results are not recorded so be as honest as you'd like!

1. I feel how much my words hurts someone as I'm saying them.
2. I can see the emotions of others when I stare in their eyes.
3. I can feel the weight of someone's pain.
4. I tend to feel guilty when others don't feel well.
5. I can usually guess what people are thinking.
6. I have to blame myself or others.
7. I am overly selfish or selfless.
8. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others.
9. I have a hard time saying no.
10. I tend to be a people pleaser.
11. I can feel the atmosphere when I walk in a room.
12. People tend to tell you their problems.
13. I need time to recharge from people.
14. I find it easy to understand the feelings of others.
15. I demand from others OR others demand a lot from me.
16. I have dreams or visions about the future.
17. I'm good at guessing what happens next in movies or REAL life.
18. I could manipulate people if I wanted to.
19. You wish people understood you the way you understand them.
20. Too much social interactions makes me anxious or overwhelmed.
21. I tend to be in unhealthy relationships.
22. I am the healer or I date people that like to heal.

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QUIZ: Am I an Empath?

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