New week prayer for my boyfriend
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New Week Prayers for My Boyfriend

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Praying for your boyfriend’s new week is one of the most powerful acts of love. Your actions are also a preparation to be a wife and helpmate. Women are the intercessors for their husbands and family. They actively engage in WAR by praying and battling in the spirit for God’s will to reign.

You can edit these prayers as you desire and then send them to your boyfriend. I hope they encourage his day!

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New Week Prayer for My Boyfriend

  • Good morning! May you be abundantly blessed and rewarded by God for being an amazing man. May you continue to stand out as different because you do all things with excellence. I pray that your character opens doors of blessings for you that take you beyond your wildest dreams.
  • May you feel a deep and satisfying love this week my love. May your soul feel filled and strengthened to accomplish all that you have before you.
  • My love, I’m praying that you would have a great week. May God shower you with love, joy, and peace this week. You deserve it baby.
  • I am thinking about you today my love and I pray that God would bless your week. May he show his strength and power in all your challenges this week. Amen. 

      The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.” Psalm 37:23-24

      • May God increase your influence this week. May the anointing on your life overflow and awaken those who are in spiritual slumber. Let each person you come into contact with leave inspired by your righteousness.
      • Father, I ask that you would guard every detail of my love’s week. Guard my love from shame, temptations, and anything that would stop him from excelling. I ask that everything in your plan would come to fruition for his daily life.
      • My love, I pray Psalm 17:8-10 over you. May God hide you under the shadow of His wings. I thank God in advance for protecting you from harm and anyone that seeks to plot your downfall.

      Prayer for My Boyfriend to Keep God First

      • Abba father, I pray that my boyfriend would continue to be bold and focused in his pursuit of you. May he seek you first for all his plans. Keep his heart steady papa and help his gaze remain pure. Thank you God for giving him the strength to seek heavenly treasures rather than worldly desires.
      • Abba father, pour out your wisdom on my love to know when to speak, act, and listen this week. Help him to understand your plans for this earth and his life. Father, help him to pray according to your will and not his own. You are a mighty an Eternal Father and we rejoice because you’re good. “You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.” James 4:3

      Prayer for a Successful Week for My Boyfriend

      • Morning baby! Today, is going to be the start of a good week because God is on your side. May he reveal the richness of his love and mercy to you each day. I pray that nothing would steal your joy this week. May your week be filled with fun and joyful moments. And may we delight in the simplicity of loving each other.
      • Hey babe, I pray for peace filled days and restful nights this week. May you wake up each day ready and passionate about doing the work of the Lord. I pray against hesitation and procrastination. May you find the strength to complete all your goals and plans.
      • Be encouraged today, because you radiate Christ in all you do. May people look at you and know that there is something supernaturally different about your spirit and work ethic. May you find the right moments to encourage and uplift others in the word of God.

      New Week Prayer for Our Relationship

      • My prayer is for a deep knowing from God that I’m yours forever. That you and I would not fear or question each other’s love because we’re confident in it. Love you baby.
      • My prayer for both of us today is for continued wisdom and compassion to deal tenderly with each other. May we experience deeper closeness each day as we get to know each other more. Thank you God for love that will keep getting better and stronger.
      • I am truly blessed by God to have met you. I thank God for helping me to meet someone that gets my jokes and takes such good care of my heart. May God continue to bless you and reward you for being such an amazing person in my life.
      • Morning my love! I pray that God would help us to understand each other on a deeper level. That he would keep us in unity and one accord. May we both move together, in step with the Lord, so we can build a foundation of righteousness together.
      • My love, I thank God for connecting us. May God continue to confirm our relationship, so we can be confident that our love pleases you. And father, we pray that you open doors to help us make this relationship last a lifetime.
      • Father, protect our relationship from conflicts and haters. Guide us and encourage us to stay loyal to each other despite the distractions of the world. Keep our hearts soft towards one another and open to hearing each other out. May we be a team that fights together rather than one who fights each other.
      • My love, I’m praying that God would continue to make us more selfless. May we be a blessing to each other and continue to add value, not stress, to each others life.
      • Baby, thanks for being you. I thank God for making you more than what I want, but what I need. May God continue to develop your strengths, so you can help balance me out.

      Thank you father for creating a man like {NAME HERE} that is wise, consistent, and deeply in tune with my emotions. I pray that he’d realize more and more how much of a blessing he is. And help me to see him at a spiritual level daily, so I can give fresh love thats meaningful and special. Lastly, may we both feel worthy of love + commitment that is heavenly and greater than the unhealthy ones we’ve seen. Amen.

      New Week Blessing Prayer for My Boyfriend

      • May you step into this week feeling the empowering energy of the Holy Spirit. I pray that peace, strength, hope, and wisdom would be with you. May you radiate the characteristics of God in all you do my love.
      • Today, I will stand in agreement for all that God has for your life. I declare goodness, favor, and blessings in everything you do. I’m so thankful for your life. Your existence reminds me that God purposely creates each human, guides their path, and prepares good work for them to do.
      • My love, I stand in agreement for all that God has in store for your precious life. I’m thankful that he is blessing and strengthening you to excel in all you puts your hands to.
      • This week, I pray that everywhere you step is filled with the peace of God. I ask that you would have smooth conversations and that all your relationships will flourish.

      Prayer to My Boyfriend’s Spiritual Armor

      • My love, may you believe that you’re a courageous mighty man of valor. I pray that God would upgrade your spiritual armor, so you can stand your ground in trials. I also pray for you to grow in your ability to wield the sword, so you can defeat every lie that comes against your faith. Amen.
      • Dear God, I pray that you would strengthen my love this week. Thank you that he will be able to defeat every and any attack that comes his way.
      • May you clearly see the attacks of the enemy and defend yourself from them my love. For you are strong, and God is on your side.
      • If God is for you, who can be against you my love? I pray that God would continue to support you in this battle and defend your honor.
      • This week, I pray that everywhere you step is filled with the peace of God. I ask that you would have smooth conversations and that all your relationships will flourish.

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      Prayer for God to Guide my Boyfriend

      • May you have clarity of mind and direction this week my love. I am confident that God will highlight the steps for you to take every step of the way.
      • My love, I pray that our father in heaven would guide you into his perfect will. May you have clear discernment and strength to stay on the narrow path. May your ears be open to his voice to guide you in every situation and within all your relationships.

      Prayer for my Boyfriend’s Heart

      • O’ Lord, I ask that you search my boyfriend’s heart and cleanse it from pride, anger, lust, rebellion, deceit, fear, and control. Thank you Father because as I pray he is letting go of control and dying to his flesh.
      • May God heal all your pain and give you hope for new possibilities this week. I thank God for removing fear, hopelessness, and shame from your life. May you thrive and excel in every way.
      • Abba father, thank you for blessing my love with a humble heart. I pray that he would be comfortable in his weakness, so Christ can be strong. Keep his heart open, vulnerable, and repentant. Thank you father. Amen.

      Prayer for my Boyfriend’s Finances and Career

      • My love, today, I pray that God would bless you with favor at your job and with your finances. I declare promotions and financial increase over you.
      • Praying for you to have deeper insights into your purpose. May God give you clarity for your future path and dream life. And may He start a steady continuous fire (passion) inside that pulls you towards it.
      • Today, I’m praying that you wouldn’t worry about the opinion of others. May you be laser focused on what God wants rather than negativity. May you prosper in all you do despite the haters and criticizers.
      • I rejoice because God has blessed me with you. You are stable and wise. May you be encouraged that you have excellent work ethic and may you continue on your path of righteousness.
      • Hey baby! I’m praying that this week you would feel the presence of the Lord in all situations and have unwavering confidence in His guidance and provision. May you be filled with a deep sense of purpose and determination as you pursue your goals and dreams.
      • This week, I pray that everywhere you step is filled with the peace of God. I ask that you would have smooth conversations and that all your relationships will flourish.

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      Protect my Boyfriend from Temptations

      • O’ Lord, I ask that you would protect my baby from the schemes of the enemy. I ask that you would keep him pure and righteous in your sight. I declare that he has laser vision and focus to follow your leading, amen.
      • I pray the for the transformation and renewal of your mind in this new week. May God guide you into purity. May he guard your mind from carnal thought. And may you desire good things and build a resistant to sin.

      Prayer for my Boyfriend’s Decisions

      • Father, thank you for stirring my love’s heart and leading him in all decisions. Help him to be patient to hear you, but swift in carrying out your plans.
      • May my boyfriend be under your wisdom and sit your feet. Thank you for direction God. May you lead him into the way of righteous, blessing, truth. And may he always follow.

      Prayer for my Boyfriend’s Community

      • I thank you papa for surrounding my boyfriend with good family, friends, and spiritual mentors. I thank you that he is accountable to them and he considers their guidance. I ask that he would feel loved and seen by his community. Thank you that he hears their wisdom and it’s guiding him in the right direction. 
      • My love, I pray that you would be surrounded by amazing men. May God draw the right ones that are loyal, righteous, and life giving.

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      Prayer for my Boyfriend’s Family

      • Hey baby, today, I am praying for your family. May God protect, heal, and guide them. May your heart be encouraged that God loves them and has good plans for them. I stand in agreement with you that God will have his perfect way in your family affairs.
      • Babe, I pray that God would heal your family. May they receive all they need to live a life of positivity, love, and peace.
      • Today, I’m praying that you and your family continue to grow deeper in friendship and love for each other. May you and your brothers continue to connect and experience refreshing moments together.

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