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4 Tips If You’re Angry & Disappointed With God!

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Feeling angry and disappointed with God is perfectly normal. We are all in a process of getting to know who God is and what how he operates. Unfortunately, disappointing moments push us to seek God for understanding that we may have not needed before. But, God will always answer us and explain what happened in the situation and what He was doing behind the scenes. I’ve had experience with this first hand.

Something disappointing recently happened in my life. My dad had a stroke and had to be immediately hospitalized and my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 days after my dad was emitted into the hospital. The week that all of this happened I cried almost every day and dealt with a lot of anxiety, doubt, and fear. 

I struggled so much with the bad news that I cried so much one night and I ended up having a panic attack. I had an immense amount of fear of losing these two people. There were so many negative thoughts that went through my head that I had a hard time controlling. I was also in the middle of fasting when these events occurred so I was frustrated and could not understand why God would allow something like that to happen. I was not only fasting and praying for my own wants and needs but for the wants and needs of my family also. 

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The 5th day after getting the bad news I read my devotion the night before going to bed and it was all about trusting God. The key verse was Matthew 14:25-33. To summarize this scripture, it’s about when Peter saw Jesus walking on water and asked Jesus if it’s him to tell him to come. Jesus said come and Peter began to walk to him, but he became afraid at the sight of wind and began to fall. As he fell he called for Jesus to save him and Jesus caught him and asked him why he doubted. After reading this I was in complete shock and I just knew that God was speaking to me through the devotion. As soon as I encountered tribulation I began to question and doubt God just like Peter. 

Then my perspective immediately changed. I realized that God saved my dad and husband’s life. God saved my dad’s life because right before he had the stroke my sister was about to leave the house to go out, but something kept her there a little bit longer just in time to hear my dad fall and call the ambulance. If my sister wasn’t home then my dad would not be alive today. God saved my husband because he got the idea to get a physical and received the diagnosis before his blood sugar reached the level where his organs would begin to fail and before his body gave up. 

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At that moment, I began to praise God for all the terrible things that didn’t happen. I began to praise God for being right on time. I worshipped God for allowing my loved ones a second chance to obtain good health. I glorified God because both of these men are alive and doing very well.

God didn’t fail me or simply allow something terrible to happen, but he helped me by rescuing two people who I love very much. 

How To Overcome Feeling Angry and Disappointed with God:

When you feel let down by God, there are four great things that you can do to help you cope. 

1. Change your perspective:

Flip the narrative and look at the situation in a different way. See what happened, but also see what didn’t happen. Allow yourself to see and understand the bad, but let the good overpower the bad.

2. Remind yourself what God did in the past:

We often forget how God helped us in the past, and when we enter another trial we question God as if he never helped us before. Reminding yourself of God’s grace and mercy in your life will help you get through the most difficult things, because if he helped you before than understand that he will help you again.

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3. Cater to your mental health and seek counseling:

Many people avoid counseling no matter how difficult things get in their lives. There are so many reasons why people won’t even consider counseling. Those reasons include the cost, the feeling of weakness, or just not feeling comfortable sharing your emotions with a stranger. The day I started going to counseling is the day that I began to understand my emotions and deal with anxiety and stress a lot better. Counseling is the best thing you will ever do for your mental health after submitting to God.

4. Read positive affirmations:

Say them out loud every day and try your best to believe them and think about them throughout the day.

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Does God forgive me for being angry at him? Yes, God is not afraid of our emotions. The truth is, he created us to feel angry. However, we should never let our emotions separate us from his love. Usually our emotions are an indicator of pain that needs healing.

How do you talk to God when you are angry? When I first got saved, I would speak out of anger. Now, I’m learning to journal and communicate respectfully while being COMPLETELY honest. You can learn How To Pray: with these 8 Biblical Tips For Beginners!

Why God allows disappointment? Sometimes disappointments are due to the disobedience of others. When people are disobedient they stray from divine protection and do sinful activities that lead to problems. Sometimes it’s a spiritual attack from the enemy. And, sometimes it’s caused by broken people, breaking other people. Either way, God allows the process because it disciplines and trains us to become stronger people.

Andralia is a wife, school teacher, mother, and devout Christian. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's degree in Education. She is passionate about empowering women to practice self-love which leads to stronger relationships. She believes that children should be given love and respect. She also believes that with empowerment and encouragement, parents can raise children to make a positive difference in the world.


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