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20+ Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Ladies

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Valentine’s Day can be a sad occasion when you’re single.. But, it doesn’t have to be! You deserve to have the same experience as your boo’d up counterparts. Here are some ideas for Solo V-day or Galentine’s Day!

Solo Valentine’s Ideas

The best thing to do for Solo Valentines is invest in self-love and self-care activities. What do you like? A Spa treatment, massage, makeup, nails, jewelry, clothes, a purse, etc.? Whatever your preference: Treat Yourself Sis’ you deserve it.

I may make a commission from the recommended items, but there is no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use and love, read my full disclosure.

Spa Night: You can either get your own spa supplies or go to a massage parlor. However, if you do it yourself you can watch a lovely movie, eat your favorite food, and pamper yourself! Try these Kits: Facial Spa Kit, Facial Steamer, and Foot Spa with Bubbles!

Watch a movie? Pop in your favorite movie and stack up on your favorite meal/snacks!!!! Then… Enjoy! It’s never too early to start watching Christmas Love Stories. And, it is never too cheesy to watch hallmark and your favorite love stories over and over (The Notebook, Pride & Prejudice, etc.)

Get Crafty! You can get some fun crafty things and have fun! Try these kits: Painting kitJournal making kitCandle making kitSoap Making Kit, and hand made card kit

Join the Dating Pool: You may not like being single and THAT’S OKAY! Seek mentorship, pray, and see if your ready to join the dating pool… If you’re ready, here are reviews of Christian Dating sites to start your journey.

Buy Something You Want: You can treat yourself to something you really wanted. For me, I may do food, jewelry, something fun, etc.

Affirmation Cards: Grab yourself one of these cute affirmation decks to encourage yourself. These cards will remind you that you’re beautiful, powerful, and destined for greatness.

Self Love Journal: You can grab yourself a self-love journal to deepen your ability to love and care for yourself.

Empowerment Coaching: You can invest in through-out all of 2021, so you can feel on top of your game without a man 24/7! Sign up for 20 Minutes Free!

Galentine’s Day Ideas

All these options can be done with your group of favorite girls via ZOOM. Just sip some wine and complete the activities solo and share your journey and reactions digitally!

Valentine’s Gift Exchange: You and your girlfriends can play secret Santa for Valentine’s Day! You can all pick a name and do something special for each other. Send flowers, chocolate, etc. You can also send a hint for them to guess who they got! It’ll be a mysterious and heartwarming activity!

Dinner Party: This is my FAVORITE way to celebrate Valentine’s Day single! We usually have a full three course meal with dessert and wine (if you like a little splash of bubbly.) Click here for some three course meals ideas! My favorite dish is Mango Glazed Salmon and Tuna Patties w/ Red Pepper Aioli!

Decorations: If you’re the decoration type you can buy the following items to top off your night. Try these: Heart-felt Cards, Galentine’s Paper Straws, & Plates, Cups, Napkins, & Utensil Set.

Spa Night With The Girls: You and your girlfriends can enjoy a nice night of relaxation with a spa kit. As you ladies pamper your face and feet, you can sweeten the deal with a delicious meal, games, and/or movie. Kits: Facial Spa Kit, Facial Steamer, Glammed UP Facial Kit, Foot Spa with Bubbles!

Makeup Party: You and your girls can do this on zoom or in person! Find a makeup video on YouTube and you can all attempt to do the same look. You can also set up a photo booth and take pictures together!
> Take pictures in a scenic place of your choice!
> Create a Photo booth: Fringe Curtains Party Decorations, Valentine’s Day Backdrop Glitter Lights Rustic Wood Background, and Valentines Day Photo Booth Props !

Game Night: Games can be very fun! You can couple this activity with dinner, your spa night, etc. Try these: Valentine’s Day Bingo Game Card, Valentine MASH Game, Valentine’s Day Party Emoji Game, Exploding Kittens Card Game, and 10 other fun game night games! Or, click here if you want Ideas for Games on Zoom!

Crafty Activity For The Gals: You can your girls can complete some crafts together! You can do it via zoom or in-person. Sip on some wine and discuss as you go along! Try these kits: Painting kitJournal making kitCandle making kitSoap Making Kit, and hand made card kit

Movie Night: How about an awesome movie with your gals? You can do a watch party on Netflix or Disney + if you are planning to do it online. Sip some wine and eat your favorite snacks together! You can couple Movie Night with dinner, games, etc. Live your best life Sis’! You deserve it :)!

Social Distanced Picnic: You and your girls can plan a picnic at the beach, park, etc. You can all spread out from each other and talk. This would allow everyone to bring their favorite foods, drinks, etc.

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