QUIZ: Are you a lukewarm christian?

Are you burning hot for God? This quiz will help you to ensure that you are passionately pursuing God and his goals for the world.

Click the responses that reflect your feelings. Your results are not recorded so be as honest as you'd like!

1. I try to love people that are very difficult, with fair boundaries.
2. I forgive and pray blessings over those who have wronged me.
3. My main concern is with people's hearts, rather than proving myself to be right.
4. I focus on loving people like Christ would.
5. I have a clear understanding of how I bring God's love and truth to the world.
6. I am empathetic to people in pain and listen, instead of judging.
7. I try to put others before myself and connect with those who may be struggling.
8. I am excited about relationships with people.
9. I love to read the Bible and understand God's love within it.
10. I seek healing for every unholy thought I have.
11. I am excited about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.
12. I take responsibility for my behavior and apologize when needed.
13. I know that I could learn from something from everyone, even the homeless.
14. I am focused on promoting God's love, not on self-importance.
15. I find my own ways to bring Jesus to the world.
16. I pray daily.
17. I try to have faith and trust Jesus in difficult situations.
18. I'm vulnerable and weak in Christ, I'm not trying to be perfect.
19. I think broken people just need access to God's transformative power to shine.
20. I don't try to control or manipulate situations, God is in control.
21. I believe that all christians are equal and my works don't make me more powerful.
22. I experience the Holy Spirit teaching me how to avoid sin.
23. I love spending time with God.
24. I know God speaks with me through the Bible, dreams, etc.
25. I want to help the whole world confess Jesus is the way, truth, and life.
26. I believe God is good and withholds no good thing, even in difficult situations.
27. I believe God can heal the sick, raise the dead, and transform sinners.
28. I am open to correction and being wrong because I'm teachable.

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QUIZ: Are you a lukewarm christian?

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