Prophetic Style Quiz: How do you hear God’s voice?

Humans have different styles of learning and processing which is reflected in your prophetic preferences. What's your style?

I prefer to learn about God by...

1. Watching a documentary, movie, and/or sermon.
2. Reading the Bible, a book, and/or listening to a sermon/podcast.
3. Anything that gets straight to the point.
4. I like to learn from any source that feels real and personal.

I make decisions based on what...

1. How I feel. I try to feel out the right thing to do and how others will feel too.
2. I visualized images of the results of my decisions.
3. I just know what decisions to make, it's obvious.
4. Without mental images, I speak or think about the right thing to do.

When people are speaking about their issues...

1. I feel their emotions.
2. I know the solutions to their problems immediately.
3. I visually imagine their problem to understand.
4. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I understand properly.

Which option is more similar to your personality?

1. I am more black and white, and fact based.
2. I am very sensitive to the emotions of others.
3. I get deep understandings from sermons, podcasts, and speakers.
4. My dreams or visions come true.

Which do you prefer or think is better...

1. I prefer to read the Bible.
2. I prefer to feel the presence, love, and manifestations of God.
3. I prefer to see visions and have dreams.
4. For me, all methods are equal and it doesn't matter how you get to know God.

I would describe myself as...

1. A Visionary - I think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.
2. An Empath - I have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
3. Very Logical - I like facts, common sense and clear, sound reasoning.
4. An Analytical Mind - I like to analyze, debate, dissect, and study.

Which method have you experienced or do you experience the most?

1. I have dreams or visions.
2. The principles in the Bible are common sense.
3. I often have thoughts/ideas that I later see as verses in the Bible.
4. I can feel what others are going through before they say anything.

All 7 questions completed!

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Prophetic Style Quiz: How do you hear God's voice?

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