2 similar dreams in one night


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first dream is not as clear as second. Lying in bathtub with 2-3 people over me, insects/bugs/spiders biting me. I would struggle and it would stop but then continue. I woke up, but not in fear, just anxious.

I prayed over the dream and went to sleep.

the second dream was more vivid. In a green valley with 2 other people. Prairie dogs (pd) would pop up near us and someone would shoot at them, hitting some, missing others. The pd’s would tunnel towards us and began to gather around and bite at me, not biting me, around my ankles. Then i was in a depression and pd’s would tunnel out of embankment towards me and water began to fill the depression, covering my shoes. I was thinking the water table was very high there. Then a creek flowed near me. I was shouting for help and struggling and got into the stream watching the pd’s come towards me and dream ended

Christina Daniels Answered question March 2, 2022

Also, where were the two people in the dream when you were drowning? Is God trying to highlight the quality of “support/help” and people you keep in your life?

Christina Daniels Answered question March 2, 2022

Hello Chuck!

Thanks so much for sharing your dreams.

Your first dream is showing that you may have a lack of boundaries (people with you in private area) and you maybe experiencing alot of attacks in your personal life. The bathtub is an area to be cleansed in private. The fact that you weren’t afraid (and not shocked) is symbolic that you are probably allowing a problem into your personal quarters for too long. However, you were surrounded by creatures that typically love “dirt”. Perhaps the people you’re letting too close to you are bringing drama OR their own uncleanliness into your life? Either way, it’s time to pray, focus on God, and submit to God’s cleansing process for your own life.

The second dream what stood out to me immediately is being in a “green valley”. I believe this means you are in a healthy spiritual place. However, you’re on a journey to another level spiritually and there seems to be alot of things happening around you potentially distractions that are trying to overwhelm and drown (kill) your spirit.

What emotion did you have when you were being bit by the PDs?
Why were the PDs being shot at?
Who were the people you were traveling with? How did you feel toward them? Are you contributing appropriately to your journey?
Why were the PDs tunneling towards you? What did you think they were going to do?
Were the PDs trying to guide you?
*Feel free to sort through these questions alone or you can answer and I’ll be able to better make suggestions 🙂

Check out these bible verses about vallys and see if it triggers any revelation: https://www.openbible.info/topics/mountains_and_valleys

Please pray this suggestions and let the Lord guide you to the right interpretations!


Christina Daniels Answered question March 2, 2022